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Moving to Xbox Live!!!

This week was 10th anniversary of Xbox and it was my 1st week anniversary at Xbox engineering. Smile Yes you heard me right. I moved to Xbox live team and will be working on content services. Content services are web services that power your Xbox console. My area of focus will be content discovery and search. It is a fascinating space and am sure tons for me to learn. Smile Super excited to go from team that build cloud computing platform to team that is building one of the most saleable cloud application that powers millions of devices.

I enjoyed every bit of my time in Windows Azure Product Management especially working with the team to deliver Windows Azure Marketplace in 26 countries. Smile Will miss my team but am looking forward to my time in Xbox now. Smile

Xbox Turns Ten!

Ten years ago, we launched the first Xbox console. Since then, we’ve launched Xbox LIVE, Xbox 360, Xbox 360 S, Kinect, and lots more. We couldn’t do this without you! Thank you for the first ten years and more to come!


Ten Years of Fun with Xbox – Xbox.com