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Italiano Vacation- Day 6: Venice

We reached Venice in the afternoon and taken away by its charm instantly. This place had a mysterious charm to it cant describe in words. Its situated on an island and the lagoon waters take place of  roads in this city. We saw this place thru gondolas, water bus and on foot. As we walked the streets over Rialto bridge and there were shops laden with the famous masks. The Piazza del San Marco and the Rialto bridge are structures which are replicate din Vegas casinos. And u come here and see the true beauty this original has. Truly astounding drawing crowds from all over the world. Loved travelling thru the canals on gondolas. The black lagoon which surrounds Venice is supposed to be the savior of this place. An interesting fact I learned Venice, built around Fifth century was under Austria, France and now owned by Italy. No wonder its unlike roman cities and has an eclectic flare to it.


IMG_4342 IMG_4387