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Italiano Vacation-Day 3: Vatican city

Today we visited Vatican city, St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican museum. Vatican is a nation by itself. They say many structures built here have taken their building materials from Ancient roman structures. There are gaping holes in the walls of Colosseum which are living evidences. As we entered the St. Peter’s piazza and stand in front of the Basilica, only one word to describe this, Symmetry in Architecture. Perfectly symmetric piazza with massive colonnades on each side. Central obelisk flanked by water fountains on each side. St. Peters basilica is an excellent example of Gothic Architecture in its full glory.Have not seen anything else like this in my life. There is something divine about this place , truly the holiest of all places. Am not a christian myself but this place convinced me that there is a mighty power watching all over us. We visited the Vatican museum and especially Michelangelo’s Sistine chapel. The world famous painting on the dome ceiling which draws millions every year. We had to go thru a lot of hallways and exhibits before we get to see this masterpiece waiting in anticipation. But truly worth it once we set eyes on it. As I came out of this museum covering only 25% of it, was in total awe of such talent packed in this one structure. Roman cities built in ancient times are still true to the test of time.The public squares adorned by water fountains are such great places for social gatherings and intermingling of people from all walks of life.

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Italiano Vacation-Day 2: Rome

We decided to make our away to Ancient Rome today.. We take train to colosseo station, and my aha moment comes as we alight the train, And there it is right in front of you the Huge Colosseum. Totally elated!! Truly the Icon of Imperial Rome. Massive arena with tiers of seating and separate gates for entry and exit for different class of people. Senators got the front row seats with their names carved in a huge marble tablets in front of every seat. Was totally amazed to see this underground basement over which the stage was hoisted, one very interesting fact is that there was a team of sailors who actually managed the stadium cover or awning in case of inclement weather. Wow that was in 70 Century A.D.  Being an Architect it is such a joy to experience how such great buildings have played a key role in our civilization. They say Rome stays till the Colosseum stands. We later on visited the Roman forum, Palatino. They had such an evolved system of functioning as an empire. You are touched by the history there. You turn a corner and there is a masterpiece.

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