This blog is for Swati and Sudhir. We love traveling. We have travelled to lot of places in the world and we would love to go to all the places in the world. :). We got married in december 2002. Since then we have been to soooo many places. We will try to blog some information about those trips and also start keeping blog of all the newer places we visit. You will also find some cool photos here…:):)

This photo is from Jungfrau region in Switzerland. It is top of Europe….:)

Some places we have been to include South India(Kerala), Goa, Netherlands, Paris, Belgium, Las vegas, Outer banks in NC, Orlando Florida, Road trip to New york, Mountains around Asheville…. See more in blogs to come….:)


Trust is foundation for any relationship. Relation between an employee
and employer or employee and his manager is no different. If the trust
between them is lost nothing else is going to save the day. It takes a
life time to gain trust and just 1 wrong decision/move to break it. So
think before u act… Enjoy…

Who am I?

I have been working with RFID technology for a very long time now. Almost 2+ years. Have worked with various hardware vendors like Alieng, SAMSys, Paxar printers, Zebra printers etc… I am also working with various software vendor who support RFID technology. I have met lot of customers over the years discussing about there problems and suggesting how RFID could one day solve them. I have implemented data collection solutions in various companies. My primary area of expertise is integrations though so my views on RFID are also from that angle. I have worked with more than 55 customers in past 8 years. You will find some of my experiences from various meetings with these customers primarily focussing on RFID though. Currently I am working for SAMSys Technologies. We manufacture RFID readers and I am responsible for integrating the readers with various middleware solutions and applications.

Cool Stuff…

First Rule…Stop Micromanagement

Stop Micromanagement. Micromanagement is one of the biggest problems in the industry currently. Whenever you start feeling there is less time and more work. You are micromanaging stop it. You will do a favour on urself and ur company. I have seen so many managers micro managing stuff you will not believe. Ability to trust people to do the assigned task is very important to be a good manager. 🙂 Enjoy…

Microeconomics Review class 7/8/2005

This was the first class for 2007 evening MBA batch. It started off by introduction by Professor Hugh O’Neal. Professor Anil Shivdasani took the class. We started off by an introduction of all the members in the class. We covered following topics in the class

  1. Difference between Micro and Macro economics
  2. Opportunity Cost
  3. Marginal Cost: Cost at the top most level e.g. In taxes when u save them u save at highest level of tax bracket.
  4. Sunk Cost: Cost that cannot be avoided
  5. Normative Economics
  6. Positive Economics
  7. Production : Capital Resources, Human Resources, Natural Resources
  8. Economic Growth
  9. Demand and Supply
  10. Related Goods and Services
    1. Normal and Inferior Goods
    2. Substitutes and Complements
  11. Changes in Demand, Supply and effect of price on all this.
  12. Free Market system
  13. Price Rationing and Resource Allocation
  14. Elasticity = %Delta A / %Delta B

Learning a lot about blogging

Blogging is amazingly interesting. This is my first blog via email. Currently working on a power point presentation, have to make lot of documents some designs for next generation product for my company. It gets boring after a while making all these documents… Anyway part of life I guess…

Accouting class

I went to my accounting class yesterday after 3 weeks. Due to my surgery I could not attend for 3 weeks. Now I am way behind my class. I need to do lot of catching up to do. 🙁 I also missed my 2nd test. But I guess I did well in my first test. I will get the grades on wednesday.

Did I tell u I am taking a class in principles in financial accouting at Durham technical college. This is for preparation for my MBA at UNC. 🙂

Started Review Courses

Our first set of reveiw courses for 2007 evening MBA at UNC started on 8th July 2005. We had a class on Microeconomics on 8th and Financials on 9th. Professor Anil Shivdasani who took the class was amazingly good. Just after first 2 days I am confident this is going to be fun. 🙂

Did I tell you I got admitted to 2007 evening MBA program at UNC. UNC kenan flagler school of business studies is one of the best in US.

Just started Blogging

Today I created my place on the web to start blogging. I will try to put my day-to-day experiences here. This weekend was great started my review courses at UNC. Did I tell you I am going to start my MBA at UNC. Should be fun. First review course was in Microeconomics and Finance. It was amazingly good. I have also started making my website at If you get a chance look at the number of customer I have worked with in last 8 years of my career. It is amazing. I made that list yesterday night. Was working on it till 2:30 AM. I was myself surprised to see 58 customers. Amazing stuff… 🙂

I hope I can update this every day. Have fun.