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First Accounting Class…

I am an engineer but I have been learning basic accouting for a while in my 8th to 10th standard(school) I had accoutning as one of my subjects again I had taken some preparatory classes at Durham tech in summer to learn accoutning.. Guess what whatever I learned was good but what Joe thought in 3 hours was much more helpful. He actually summarized everything in 3 hours in much more clearer language:). Other than that I had no clue what those numbers on financial statements ment. I could make a balance sheet and income statement. But he really taught us how to analyze it…:) It is fun now. You won’t believe I actually downloaded financial statement for different companies based on sectors like Software, Retail, Manufacturing and looked at distribution of numbers like gross profit margin and break up of sales/cost…:) It is fun now..

Basic concepr… ROI = Profit/Investment.. I know it seems to be so simple.. But Big 5 consulting companies make millions just to explain this to management…:):):)

Joe is a great prof. He can really explain accounting in lay mans terms.. That is a real skill…:) What did he say.. He wants us to be EMBA’s not accoutants…

Note: On 2nd page of you accounting book there is a website and directions to register the book. Please do that you will get access to financial statements of lot of companies. which u can automatically transfer to excel…

Immersion Weekend…

Last 3 days were immerssion weekend for us. Wow… In last 3 days we did lot of things. I already feel months old in the program. Our schedule was as follows

Friday: History of the school(Prof Rollie Tillman), Welcome address by Dean Steve Jones, Staff and student introductions, Management strategy class by Prof Hugh O’Neill, UNC card, Technology overview(Adam King), Logistics(Penny Oslund), Intro to Communication(Tim Flood and Lynn setzer).
Saturday: General Management and strategy by Prog Hugh O’Neill, Neo PIR Five Factor overview, Communications, Career management, Formal Dinner with Official photograph..
Sunday: Camp Royall for team building..

Can you believe we covered all that.. We also got our study teams. We discussed our plans withing the team…

To begin with I have to applaud the professionalism of UNC team in conducting the weekend. It was very well planned and really well managed. The way spouses were involved was another amazing thing. Can you believe… My wife after returning from Camp royall said you made a right decision by joining this school. It is one thing to support me in going through a MBA program and it is totally different to go through it with me…:)

Professor Hugh O’Neill is amazing.. He is a great story teller a good presenter… I wish I can remember that many stories to tell in every presentation I make. πŸ™‚

The emphasis on team building in camp royall was great. I don’t think any other school/program stresses and spends so much on such team building activities and invoving spouses in the camp was even better.

Did I write too much.. Maybe.. But we really did so much.. Actually I may have missed so much.. But now I need to get back to enjoy everyone and again welcome to 2007 evening MBA program..:)

Night before first class…

Tomorrow morning at 8:30 am EMBA evening batch of 2007 at Kenan-flagler business school will start its first lecture. It is amazing how time has flown by. It only seems as yesterday that I had applied for the program and then we had our review classes and now finally the wait will be over. Tomorrow we will start with our first lecture… I guess next 2 years will be hectic and filled with lot of hard work. I hope these 2 years will also fly by.

I just want to wish good luck to everyone in the class. I hope everyone completes this class with flying colors and achieve whatever they have set out to achieve…:)

What am I doing at 11:45pm updating this blog? No idea… Somehow am not able to sleep tonight. I hope I don’t dose off in class tomorrow. πŸ™‚

Received courseware and instructions…

Today I recieved courseware and instructions for the first semester. We have to read the CompUSA case study and there is a lot of information to read thru. Should be fun. I read some stuff but have lot to read. Especially the CompUSA case study which is like 24 pages…

I am already excited to start the course now.

Statistics Review 7/16/2005

We Covered following topics :
Summary Measures
Descriptive Stats
Probability, Probability Distribution
Random Variables

Example of dependent probability
Election 2008 Hilary vs. Rudy Giuliani. I tell u the person polled is democrat what is the probability he is going to vote for Hilary? Or what is the probability he will vote for Rudy? πŸ™‚

Probability Calculations
Binomial Distribution
Normal Distribution

Problem 4.12
P(x) = x/15

X= Random variable
1,2,3,4,5 is a problem space
P(x) are 1/15, 2/15, 3/15, 4/15,5/15

E(x) = Γ’Λ†β€˜ xiP(xi)
V(x) = Γ’Λ†β€˜ (xi-¡)2(x)

Binomial Distribution Summary
n=no of trials is fixed
Has to have 2 mutually exclusive outcomes
Probability of success P is knows and same for each trial.

Binomial Formula
P(x successes in n trials)= n!/x!(n-x)!px (1-p)n-x
P(x>=k) = 1 Γ’β‚¬β€œ P(x
Standardized Normal Distribution

Statistics Review Session 7/15/2005

Today we had the first review session on statistics. Compared to last weeks Financials and Microeconomics this was very mathematical. Following are the topics which we covered today Population Parameters(mean, standard deviation, proportion), Sample Statistics(mean, standard deviation, proportion), Chebyshev’s Rule, Empirical Rule, Kurtosis, Box and whisker Plot, Skewness, Probability, Probability Laws(L of Complements, Addition Law, probability law,conditional law), Random Variables, Decision Tree.

Best part was we can apply some of the stuff we learnt today in various real life applications. One thing we did was to draw a decision tree and then get effective value. This could be used lets say to do some calculations in our 401K calculations to figure what is the effective value of investing in aggresive funds versus conservative funds. Ofcourse I am making all this up and I may be totally wrong here…:):)


Name:Sudhir Hasbe
Location:Morrisville, North Carolina, United States
Company: SAMSys Technologies
Profession: Software Architect
Email :
Phone : 919 673 7978(M)
Intro: I work for SAMSys, We manufacture RFID readers. I help them integrate the readers with different middleware and application vendors. I have worked in area of application integration and ERP-Supply chain management for last 8 years. I feel RFID will change how people manage there supply chain. πŸ™‚

Please reply to this comment to add your information. This could be a common directory of information for all of us to refer back too. This will be a great help. With 70 people in class it is going to be difficult atleast initially to remember all the information about others.:):)

Financials Review Class 7/9/2005

This was class was even better than the one we had yesterday. Best part was it was more near to the real life. We started with Time value of money then covered Bond valuation and Equity valuation and finally looked at capital asset pricing model. I have done some investment in house, stocks and bonds. This really helped me understand a lot of this. Especially Time value of money is used extensively in mortgage calculations and we did some of it on excel which was a great thing. Learnt a lot about excel (try using goal seek). There were a lot of formulas we covered in the class too.  Here are a bunch of them.

  1. Single Sum
    1. FV=PV(1+r)t
  2. Annuity
    1. PVA=C/r[1-1/(1+r)t]
    2. FV A=C{(1+r)t -1}/r
    3. PVA Due=C/r[1-1/((1+r)t-1 ] + C
  3. Perpetuity
    1. PVp=C/r
    2. PVgp=C1/(r-g)
  4. CAPM
    1. E(Ri) = Rf + Bi(EMRP)


Note: FV= Future Value, PV = Present Value, C=Capital, r=Rate, t = Time, Bi=Movement of Stock price compared to General Market.

Microeconomics Review class 7/8/2005

This was the first class for 2007 evening MBA batch. It started off by introduction by Professor Hugh OÒ€ℒNeal. Professor Anil Shivdasani took the class. We started off by an introduction of all the members in the class. We covered following topics in the class

  1. Difference between Micro and Macro economics
  2. Opportunity Cost
  3. Marginal Cost: Cost at the top most level e.g. In taxes when u save them u save at highest level of tax bracket.
  4. Sunk Cost: Cost that cannot be avoided
  5. Normative Economics
  6. Positive Economics
  7. Production : Capital Resources, Human Resources, Natural Resources
  8. Economic Growth
  9. Demand and Supply
  10. Related Goods and Services
    1. Normal and Inferior Goods
    2. Substitutes and Complements
  11. Changes in Demand, Supply and effect of price on all this.
  12. Free Market system
  13. Price Rationing and Resource Allocation
  14. Elasticity = %Delta A / %Delta B

Started Review Courses

Our first set of reveiw courses for 2007 evening MBA at UNC started on 8th July 2005. We had a class on Microeconomics on 8th and Financials on 9th. Professor Anil Shivdasani who took the class was amazingly good. Just after first 2 days I am confident this is going to be fun. πŸ™‚

Did I tell you I got admitted to 2007 evening MBA program at UNC. UNC kenan flagler school of business studies is one of the best in US.