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Gen 2

Everyone is waiting for Gen2. Gen2 is a reader to tag protocol. This is also going to impact some of the data that is retrieved by applications from the reader. I will not go in details about gen2. You can read about it on lot of other sites. But everyone is waiting for Gen 2. All the reader companies are coming out with readers which support this protocol and it makes sense for custoemrs to wait for all the readers and tag manufacturers to come out with there implemenations. It will be atleast end of this year that these products will come out. Some of the companies will try to do a hanky panky job and try to come out with something immediately.. But look for the best solutions.. especially for readers.. Because… as someone rightly said… Tags will come and go but readers will stay with you for very long….

BAPS from Alien…

Battery Assisted Passive tags from alien are really very good for asset tracking and vehicle tracking. These could be used in tracking huge trucks and other goods. The tag give a range of almost 30 meters. One of the places where it could be used is to track the inbound and outbound of rental fleets… It also has temperature logging.. Good for food companies…

EPCGlobal tag standard support DOD codes

Today I read news on RFID jounal that EPC has added DOD codes to its standard. This is a great news as DOD is the one who is very actively pushing the RFID sector. They have money and motivation to make this successfull. Anything EPC does to incorporate there needs is good for the technology. I am not sure if this affects our readers in anyway. But this is a good move.

Who am I?

I have been working with RFID technology for a very long time now. Almost 2+ years. Have worked with various hardware vendors like Alieng, SAMSys, Paxar printers, Zebra printers etc… I am also working with various software vendor who support RFID technology. I have met lot of customers over the years discussing about there problems and suggesting how RFID could one day solve them. I have implemented data collection solutions in various companies. My primary area of expertise is integrations though so my views on RFID are also from that angle. I have worked with more than 55 customers in past 8 years. You will find some of my experiences from various meetings with these customers primarily focussing on RFID though. Currently I am working for SAMSys Technologies. We manufacture RFID readers and I am responsible for integrating the readers with various middleware solutions and applications.

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