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My Day-to-day life…

Letter from Microsoft

This week Anush kumar from Microsoft send an email to us thanking for our efforts in helping him setup RFID infrastructure at TechED Europe. It was a great thing. The email was later also forwarded to Cliff our CEO at SAMSys and Mike our VP. So it was good to get lot of good words from everyone for the efforts.

Terrorist Attacks

Today many countries around the world maintained 2 minutes of silence for the losses in London. While coming to office I was listening to NPR and some of the stories were really touching. That is the reason I wanted to write this today. First terrorist attacks that shook me were when I was in 12th standard actually I was giving my exams for 12th standard. 13-16 bombs were blasted at the same time in Mumbai,. India. I am from Mumbai. So many people lost there lives. It was a horrible experience. Next time was 9/11. Again the bastards killed so many at WTC and other places and now London. I am not sure where this world is going. What is the fault of the victims who are just one of the many who just want to get up every day and go to work so that they can support there families and enjoy life with there children. The terrorist are such bastards that they don’t even differentiate between children and elderly. I don’t think any religion, any sect, any god, any faith; anything sensible will ever preach harm to children at least.  So if not for anything else they should stop such murderous activities for sake of the dieing children. See the casualties in Iraq itself so many kids are being killed everyday.


I believe finally everyone has to face god. I am not sure what face are these terrorists going to show to god. What will they say when God asks them why did they harm the people whom he made. Who are his best creations. But anyway I don’t think the bastards ever think about all this. They just want to die and kill everyone.


I think the only solution to this problem is shooting everyone of them. I hope god forgives me for such thinking but I don’t see a way out.


May God give peace to every lost soul and there families.

My Surgery

I had to undergo a surgery around 21st of June 2005. I had epidermal cyst. It is caused due to some kinda internal infection. I never got a clear reason why I got it. Doctor said it just happens. Anyway but the pain before the surgery was horrible. On 18th weekend the pain crossed all its limits and finally when I went to doctor on Monday the 20th he immediately asked me to get admitted and operated on 21st. Dr Lewis was the one who operated on me. He is a great doctor. I am really impressed.

Most important thing is how Swati handled the whole situation. It was amazing. I didn’t know she was that strong. She was alone here with no family around. I was in hospital for 4 days and she was by my side all the way. Milind and Manisha were great help in these difficult times. It was so nice of Milind to be present at time of surgery. I will never forget that.

Finally I am recovering now. Last few days it is paining but overall it is much better. Hope I will be totally fit in few days…JJ

Learning a lot about blogging

Blogging is amazingly interesting. This is my first blog via email. Currently working on a power point presentation, have to make lot of documents some designs for next generation product for my company. It gets boring after a while making all these documents… Anyway part of life I guess…

Accouting class

I went to my accounting class yesterday after 3 weeks. Due to my surgery I could not attend for 3 weeks. Now I am way behind my class. I need to do lot of catching up to do. 🙁 I also missed my 2nd test. But I guess I did well in my first test. I will get the grades on wednesday.

Did I tell u I am taking a class in principles in financial accouting at Durham technical college. This is for preparation for my MBA at UNC. 🙂

Just started Blogging

Today I created my place on the web to start blogging. I will try to put my day-to-day experiences here. This weekend was great started my review courses at UNC. Did I tell you I am going to start my MBA at UNC. Should be fun. First review course was in Microeconomics and Finance. It was amazingly good. I have also started making my website at If you get a chance look at the number of customer I have worked with in last 8 years of my career. It is amazing. I made that list yesterday night. Was working on it till 2:30 AM. I was myself surprised to see 58 customers. Amazing stuff… 🙂

I hope I can update this every day. Have fun.