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Operations Contd…

This Sunday we were sitting in Barnes and Nobles and studying. I drifted away from my book and started thinking something when suddenly Swati asked “What are you dreaming? Get back to studying” (U know she is like that)… SO I started telling her what I was thinking, Actually I was thinking of all the manufacturing plants I have visited in my life for work, When I say Plant I mean Plant not IT office or Head quarters or corporate offices or anything else but actual Plants.. So here is the list I could come up with…

  1. Mercedes in Alabama. This is my favorite…
  2. Invensys Building Systems in Rockford. This is the plant I have spent most time in.
  3. Foxboro in Massachusetts
  4. Boeing in Salt Lake city
  5. Wacker Corp in Wisconsin
  6. Flexco in Chicago
  7. Yorozu in Mississippi
  8. Tioga Pipe in Philadelphia
  9. US Holdings in Florida
  10. International truck in Ohio
  11. Formed Fiber, All the plants in Auburn (Maine), Sumter (SC), sidney (Ohio)
  12. Nortel Networks in Raleigh
  13. TIC Gums in Pennsylvania
  14. Metso Paper in Finland
  15. Deckel Maho in Germany
  16. Otis in Germany
  17. Ferag in Switzerland


Hmm so it turned out to be pretty long list. But all of them have been unique and every unit/plant is different. U know Metso paper made Canon’s before first world war. After the war, they had to make something else and guess what is closest to canons, Paper manufacturing machines. SO that is what they started making. Isn’t that amazing. Ever visit has a story linked to it… But for now I guess this one is enough…


Today when I looked at my calendar I was surprised to see operations class on Monday. I was expecting Ethics. Anyway my prof wanted me to fill up a one page background info. One question in that was “List of Operations Management related activities I have been involved in”… Hmmm So I started thinking about it…Actually I have never held an operations related job. You know directly after coming out of college I started working for Baan. Baan made ERP software, I was trained in Distribution related functionality and later worked on OW the integration technology of Baan. Then after 3 years working for Baan I moved to US and worked on various projects where we implemented, integrated and automated ERP solutions. So did I manage operations no. But you know what I have seen to many things in operations, I have stood in front of management teams and recommended process reengineering based on inefficiencies.

Classic example was complete B2B strategy which was implemented for Flexco. Flexco had traditionally managed all of there order processing through phones. This was inefficient and error prone. We implemented a sophisticated B2B solutions which allows customers to upload orders either in Excel or XML format. Companies or distributors could directly post these XML documents over web, on receiving these orders the email was sent to sales reps and ordering company with order info. Once the order was shipped we sent another set of notification and users could download there invoices from the B2B site. It was not as simple as it sounds. There were issues related to production, shipping, billing we had to resolve before we could do anything. International customers had there own set of issues to be managed… Anyway but that was just one project… I have worked with more than 55 customers on various projects/issues..

The best time I have ever had on shop floor was at Invensys building systems in Rockford. I still do some consulting work for them. But when they went live with new ERP system. We had integrated there existing shipping software with BaanERP. On day of go live we reached the shipping dock at 6:30am and helped ship goods for whole day. That was fun. Can never forget that day.. If you really want to see America you have to go to places where things are made… “Made in America”….:)


Today we had our first class of Ethics. So what is Ethics? It is being good or evil. Anyway… In short the jist of the class was what do you do when you need to choose NOT BETWEEN right and wrong. In that case you should choose right but what do you do when you have to choose between right and right. How do you make that decision?  Let me give an example. Let’s say your best friend comes to u and asks u to lie for him/her else he/she will be in trouble. What will u do? Is loyalty more important or honesty? Anyway that is where Ethics comes in play…:)  Anyway for me the bar to make a ethical decision is very simple, If my decision does not hurt anyone else that is fine. If someone is going to get hurt any decision I make I would like to make a decision which hurts less. Anyway.. that is me.. What is ur rule of thumb?? Think about it…  Now at the end of the class that is at 8:58 our prof let us go and said so we are ending 2 minutes early today…. But u know what our class is actually scheduled to end at 9:15 so was it unethical not to tell him the truth? No one did…:)

Brand Value…

This company is primarily about building a brand. Everything we do has an effect on the brand…. Certainly visual things have an initial impact and have to communicate pretty clearly the image we want to project. The quality of our products and the service levels we provide and the focus of our efforts are all crucially important in developing who and what this company is…. What we do with our people is another part of it…. How can we maintain such standards, the culture we have established in our Seattle markets, as we roll out stores rapidly in new markets?…

By Howard Schultz (CEO of Starbucks)

Assignments upto Summer 06

    May 15 – Finance

    Read Ch 13: 13.1-13.9; Ch 15: 15.1-15.4 until page 419

    May 17 – Presentation Skills assignment

    Assignment: Business Speaking Basics presentation – upload by 6 PM

    May 18 – Presentation Skills

    May 22 – Finance

    Read Ch 15: 15.5-15.6 until page 427; Ch 16: 16.1-16.5, 16.10-16.11

    Assignment: American Home Products Case

    Turn in Mid-Term

    May 25 – Finance

    Read Ch 17: 17.1-17.5, 17.7

    Assignment: Nike Inc: Cost of Capital

    Turn in Portfolio Analysis assignment

    Turn in Strategy Assignment

    May 29 – No Class

    May 31 – Presentation Skills assignment

    Upload revised presentation by 6 PM

    June 1 – Presentation Skills

    June 5 – Finance

    Read Ch 19: 19.1-19.5, 19.8-19.9

    Assignment: Interco Case

    June 8 – Presentation Skills

    June 12 – Presentation Skills

    June 15 – Finance

    Read Ch 18: 18.1-18.9

    Assignment: Colt Industries

    June 19 – Finance

    Read Ch 22: 22.1-22.7, subsection on “The Black-Scholes Model” pp 634-638

    Assignment: Sally Jameson: Valuing stock options in a compensation package

    June 22 – Finance Final Exam Due


Lets recap

Now that I listed where we are in the course in my last post I guess it is time to recap what we learnt in last 7 months in each topics/subjects completed. So wait for recap… coming soon. 🙂

Long time no see…

Its been long time since I blogged here. Man life has been hectic. School, Office, Personal life there is no time left. But life is good. Very good. So here we are afte almost 7 months into the program and we are done with
1. General Managemeng and Strategy
2. Corporate Financial Accounting
3. Developing Leadership and Management Skills
4. Analytical tools for decision making
5. Manegerial Accounting
6. Strategic microeconomics
7. Some Communications classes

Now we have started
1. Financial Management
2. Strategic Technology

So Classes are moving in full swing… Enjoy…

1st Semester is over…

So all submissions are done and everyone is waiting for there results. I am sure everyone will do well. Best of luck to everyone. For me now is the time to look back and see what I leant in past 5 months. So I will try to summarize in 1 post each on Strategy, Corporate Financial accounting, Statistics and Leadership what I learnt. I know some of you may think I have nothing better to do in holidays…:):)

So lookout for next few posts on these topics….

Merry Christmas and Happy new year.

Lot of work…

Its been ages since I wrote anything here. Life has been hectic school, work and then my health. I am tierd.. Hopefully I will get better soon.. Anyway.

Next few weeks are going to be hectic. Lot of stuff to submit…
1. Team Paper for Leadership
2. PDP for Leadership
3. Simulation project for Stats
4. Stats quiz…

Oh God… I hope I can spend some time without having my pain killers.. It is difficult to think after u have them..:(