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I am Lavaman!!!

Lavaman 2012 in Hawaii was my first triathlon with Team and Training. It was an amazing experience to go through a 6 months of training for the event. Swimming in ocean was the toughest part of the event. I finished the race in 3 hours 41 mins and 27 secs

I actually freaked out at our first team swim practice in Ocean. I was ready to give up but thanks to Vicky and Coach Cathy who helped me come over the fear. After that experience I can come over any obstacle in life. Smile 

Everyone should do atleast 1 endurance event in life, it will show you what your body is capable of and it is just your mind that is limiting you. Smile


Seattle Half Marathon Run – Saving Lives One Mile At a Time

This has been a fascinating year for me. Today I ran my second half marathon with Team in Training in support of Leukemia and Lymphoma society. Thanks to everyone who supporting me and helped find cure for blood cancers. Smile

It was an amazing day around 50 deg with constant rain. There was a huge hill around mile 9 and I was really tired but Team in Training folks had put some pictures of cancer survivors especially one kid was so inspiring in the picture that pain was gone in few seconds. Smile 

Next, I have signed up for a Lavaman triathalon with team and training and taken up a task of raising $5k+. So please help me save lives, every dollar counts.. Smile Please give at

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