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Abhi Arni visit Las Vegas

Mom dad arrived in US on 4th August and immediately we dicided to take them to see real America. Oh Yes!!! VEGAS.. Smile If you know me I love Vegas. Smile We bid on Priceline $75 per night for 5 star hotel and immediately got Aria. Then we booked our flights etc.

We spent 4 days in Vegas and time just flew by. It is amazing that many people think Vegas is just abt gamling but there are quite a few things to do for kids in Vegas. We took boyz to Dolphin & Tiger habitat at MGM Mirage, Lion Habitat at MGM Grand, Bellagio Arboretum, Bellagio water fountain show and best part was just walking with them. We also let Mom Dad go on a date to see Cirque de Soleil show KA.

Other than this I got to catch up on my poker games. Smile 

Our First Disney Vacation

Last week after WPC we took 2 days and enjoyed LA. First we went to spend couple of days with our awesome friends Anush and Mel. Mel took us to our first Disney vacation. Smile Boyz had real fun…

Then we spend a day with Sonali and Family in San Clemente… They have a really beautiful house with amazing views. Boyz loved playing with Niel and Nikhil and especially their toys. SmileSmile 

Happy New Year – 2011!!!

Happy New Year 2011 to Y’all. 2010 is behind us and 2011 is here and it took me 2 days to write this post. Start of year was rough with Swati and Arni not feeling well. Sad smile But hopefully 2011 will be a great year. Smile

2010 was a very exciting year for me and Swati. We were blessed with our twin boyz Arni and Abhi, both our parents visited US, we visited India, I moved to cloud computing team at MS and of course we bought a new house on Mercer Island(Greater Seattle Area) and remodeled the kitchen.

Some images from 2010.. Smile





First Road Trip with Boyz to Olympic National Park!!!

Finally after 5 months we left home on a road trip with boyz. Friday was there 5 monthly birthday and we took off to Lake Quinault lodge.

Our original plan was to just spend couple of days at Quinault lodge and return but as always we changed the plans mid way. 🙂 Instead of returning via Tacoma(hate the traffic) we made the full loop around Olympic mountains. Drive was really awesome and on our way we stopped at Kalaloch Lodge and Lake Cresent Lodge. I am sure we will return to the 2 lodge’s to spend more time.

Lake Quinault lodge is beautiful. Just natural beauty everywhere. Our room had partial(due to trees) view of the lake. Best part was our phone did not work and WiFi was only in main lobby(not in our building) which forced me not to work. 🙂 Awesome weekend!!!

Out Route
View Larger MapLake Quinault Lodge:


Kalaloch Lodge & Lake Cresent Lodge



Summer morning in Seattle with Slimpickins

Seattle it the most beautiful city in summer. The weather is awesome, there is farmers market in every neighborhood. 🙂 We love to head out to Pike Place market and enjoy the weather.

One such day we came across this band Slimpickins. Everyone of the members is really talented but Annie is beyond awesome. I have become a fan. 🙂 You should look at her when she plays her Violin, She puts her heart into it. Really awesome. I will recommend them for any occasion. 🙂

Just watch 1 minute into this video and you will know what I mean. 🙂


Slimpickins website:

Photo from Pike Place:


New Orleans, Awesome Food, Awesome Music!!!

This year Microsoft’s World Wide Partner conference was held at New Orleans from July 13th-16th. We had never been to New Orleans and we did not want to loose the opportunity to visit the place. It was busy week at New Orleans but we were able to find some time on weekend to go out in the city.

I just have to say there is not place like New Orleans for food. Have Jambalaya & Gumbo and top that with Beignet and a cup of coffee from Cafe Du Monte, that is heaven. 🙂 Music was in every corner of the city. You can spend hours on Bourbon street with non stop music and fun. 🙂

Check out the photos at:

Oregon Road Trip


This weekend we went on another one of our road trips. We headed south to Oregon and drove on US 101. US 101 is one of the best scenic byways you ca drive on. You have ocean on one side of the highway. 🙂

First night we stayed in Tillamook and then headed to Gold beach on day 2. The drive was beautiful. 🙂 Gold beach was a bit of disappointment, hotel we booked was not good so we just took off 1 day early and next headed to Woodburn company stores. 🙂 Of course had to shop in Oregon(no sales tax. :)). We spend day 3 in Portland. Visited Multinomah falls, Chinese garden, Powells book shop. 🙂 Next returned back home.

It is good to spend most on Monday at home and prepare for office tomorrow.

Again highligh was drive on 101. 🙂 Nothing can beat a beautiful drive. 🙂

Italiano Vacation-Day 7: Ciao Roma

We got on a train journey from Venice to Rome approx. 4.5 hours. We planned to see Rome for one last time before heading  back home. Visited the Trevi fountain and walked the streets collecting some souvenirs of this amazing place. They say a lifetime is not enough to see Rome, now I know why. Walking on the cobbled streets and piazza’s of Rome I realized the craftsmen, Sculptors, architects have definitely done a marvelous job to be explored for generations to come.  we had the best Italian food in small Trattorias and had gelato while walking all over. We say Ciao Roma:):)


Italiano Vacation- Day 6: Venice

We reached Venice in the afternoon and taken away by its charm instantly. This place had a mysterious charm to it cant describe in words. Its situated on an island and the lagoon waters take place of  roads in this city. We saw this place thru gondolas, water bus and on foot. As we walked the streets over Rialto bridge and there were shops laden with the famous masks. The Piazza del San Marco and the Rialto bridge are structures which are replicate din Vegas casinos. And u come here and see the true beauty this original has. Truly astounding drawing crowds from all over the world. Loved travelling thru the canals on gondolas. The black lagoon which surrounds Venice is supposed to be the savior of this place. An interesting fact I learned Venice, built around Fifth century was under Austria, France and now owned by Italy. No wonder its unlike roman cities and has an eclectic flare to it.


IMG_4342 IMG_4387

Italiano Vacation-Day 5: Florence

We devoted this day to just exploring Florence visiting the Duomo, Ponte vechhio, Boboli gardens, Galleria academia. Florence has its own charm as a small place depicting renaissance architecture was packed with tourists at this time. The Duomo which is the huge red dome, the landmark here and visible from almost every corner of the city. Walking thru the ponte vechhio which is a bridge over water and lined with miles of jewelry shops, good place for buying Italian leather. The small gold shops lined on both sides of the street was an amazing sight. The galleria de Academia is a small museum which houses Michelangelo’s David. David’s statue was at the end of the hallway and truly mesmerizing even to Sudhir who is totally not interested in any museum.

IMG_4182 IMG_4152

IMG_4159 IMG_4138