Book Review: The Power of Less

Author: Leo Babauta

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆

I had high hopes from this book. It has 4 stars on Amazon and I wanted to read a book that would genuinely help me with how to manage with less. Smile This book was huge disappointment for me.

Actually when you have author giving you morning routine ideas like Have coffee or tea, Shower, Take a bath, Eat breakfast among others ideas, you really think if author is running out of ideas on what to write. Anyway, mostly the book is just common sense stuff nothing that you do not know already…


The only good part was I skimmed through this book REALLY FAST!!! Smile

1 Years Since last Update!!!

Just noticed that I have not updated my blog since Mercer Island Half marathon last year(March 23rd 2014). Sad smile That was the last race before my surgery and was the day before I joined zulily. Smile Need to spend more time on my blog so hence things change starting today… Smile First post of the year coming next…

Review: Sanghri-La Hotel

This is one of the most beautiful hotels I have stayed at. Actually after staying here I am inspired to start reviewing hotels on the blog.

This is a modern hotel, looks beautiful, has amazing art and staff is really good. Best part was you could not see the staff around at all but they were there when we needed something. It has an amazing pool with hot tub on 5th floor. It is expensive but totally worth it. It has a 5 diamond award.

More about the concept behind the hotel:

Rating: ★★★★★

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Disney Vacation with Kids

We had promised kids that we will take them to Disney land for their 4th birthday. We headed there just 2 days after I resigned from Microsoft(that story later). Smile We had great time. It was great to spend so much time with Kids and see Disneyland through their eyes. Smile Especially both kids had tons of fun, Abhi loved wild rides and Arni enjoyed street shows, some rides and most important was parades with princesses. Smile 


Power BI for Office 365

Power BI for Office 365 is now available. It is pretty cool check it out at Power BI allows you too

  • Quickly create collaborative BI sites – enable anyone to quickly create a collaborative BI site to share workbooks containing data and insights.
  • Keep reports up to date with scheduled data refresh – reports that have been saved to the cloud can now connect back to on-premises data sources to refresh the data and stay up to date.
  • Manage data queries for the team – share not only workbooks but also the data queries created in Power Query for Excel. Team members can now build and manage data queries for others to use when creating their own reports.
  • Maintain a Data Catalog of searchable data – IT departments can now use the Data Catalog feature to make it easier for everyone to find and connect to corporate data by searching for it from within Excel.
  • Ask questions of your data in natural language – with the Q&A features people can type questions they have of the data in natural language and the system will interpret the question and present answers in the form of interactive visualizations.
  • Stay connected with mobile access to your reports – stay connected from anywhere with new HTML5 support and the Power BI windows app.

Learn More at: Microsoft Blog Post or Power BI Team Blog.