Why not Hillary Clinton?

I use to like Bill Clinton. I thought he was one of the best presidents we had. But in last few weeks I am really turned off by Bill and Hillary Clinton.

They play dirty politics. I have been following Barack and Hillary for a while. When he was low on polls they did not care but as soon as he caught up in polls and won Iowa. Bill started distorting his record and talking crap about Barack. That is just dirty politics. It just shows to what level few people can go to get presidency.

I know Barack was against war since day one. Bill and Hillary started questioning that. This is from Hillary who voted for the war. Barack was against the war before the war. He voted for funding war because “YOU SHOULD NEVER LEAVE YOUR BRAVE MEN AND WOMEN in BATTLE WITHOUT RESOURCES”… Another example of distorting record by Bill/Hillary…

Anyway, I think Bill should stop this crap and focus on running on positive campaign for Hillary. Because there are many negatives on Bill’s side that Barack will never go to. Like “Sex with that Women”…

People talk about electibility in General election… Barack has much better chance of getting elected with positive message and ability to Unity people. Rather than Hillary/Bill who will only divide people and I can only imagine the kind of campaign that will be run with bringing back the dirty politics around sex scandals and other stupid things we do not need.

Go Obama.

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