Barack Obama: YES WE CAN

I have never endorsed a presidential candidate or never got involved in elections actively. This time is different. I have been following Obama since his speech in 2004 Democratic convention. I was moved by that speech. He has something that no other candidate has. He has character, honesty, ability to inspire people and ability to DREAM. Many candidate have lost the ability to dream.

I have heard Obama and I understand his policies. He is a uniter and that is the most important thing we need in this country. I am really inspired by this young man and I really think he should be our next president.

I have been holding back and not actively doing things but that will change after New Hampshire. I think sitting back and not doing anything is too dangerous. So this post is my first step and there will be many more…

YES WE CAN.. If we have believe we can do anything. No problem is big enough for us to overcome if we all can work together…

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