Dinner and Dance @ UNC

Last few weeks have been really hectic for us. So many things have happened over last 3 weeks. I will have to post series of posts to tell you all about these. J Let me get started from 18th August. 18th was our graduation dinner and dance. It was amazing fun. There was great food, lots of beer and most importantly lot of music. We danced until mid night. After mid night we went to Franklin street and had fun at a pub. It was amazing. The weekend was back to school weekend so there were tons of students on street. The whole atmosphere was great. J

The best part was when Sandeep requested the DJ to play Hindi music in our party. He had brought Tunak Tunak Tun by Daler Mehndi. Everyone around was amazed and we all were dancing like crazy. JJJ I will try to upload a photo from that one if I get one. But till then here is a great photo of our study team. Tom and Teresa did not make it to the party.

In photo from left to right are the Sudhir & Swati, Joel & Jenny, Alejandro & Vicky, Harris & Ashley, Chris & Christen

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