Finance Books and Movies

Our Finance professor Anil had recommended few good books and Movies on Finance. This is a great list. I have watched few movies from the list and they are really good. J

Good Movies

  1. Barbarians at the Gate
  2. Wall Street
  3. Double or Nothing
  4. Rouge Trader
  5. Boiler Room
  6. Dealers
  7. Risk/Reward (Documentary)
  8. Trading Places
  9. The Hudsucker Proxy

Good Books

  1. Liars Poker

2. Barbarians at the Gate

3. Monkey Business

4. The Predators Ball

5. Conspiracy of Fools

6. Play Money

7. When Genius Failed

8. Tearing Down the Walls

9. Beggars Banquet

10. Bringing Down the House

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