New Job, Program Manager at Microsoft

Around 1st week of May I got a call from Microsoft asking me if I was interested in working with Microsoft. I was like “Sure…” Since then I went through various interviews and finally a week back I got an offer from Microsoft, position is Program Manager for VSTS team in Raleigh. It was like dream come true. To be frank I was not even looking for a change at this point of time in life but when an opportunity comes without asking for it you have to take it. It is a good omen (Read Alchemist).

I was really impressed by the interview process at Microsoft; especially the whole day interview onsite was amazing. The focus was on design questions. I thoroughly enjoyed the process and I guess that is the most important thing to do, enjoy it. I spoke to 5 Program Managers in Microsoft and finally I spoke to the Product Unit Manager for Raleigh office.

I will start working for Microsoft on 7th August. 7 is the luckiest date/number for me, will write a separate post about that later. Till then enjoy.

2 thoughts on “New Job, Program Manager at Microsoft”

  1. Dear Sudhir,

    Congrats on yet another feat!

    I am sure everyone of us, who knows you well, will be proud to have a friend like you. I am proud of you big bro.

    Wish you good luck for the new job!


  2. Hi Sudhir,

    Congrats on your another achievement. Will update about this to all of our Hitch people who are still hitch and in touch with me.

    Just keep updating about your work with Microsoft.

    All the best.

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