Really Busy, What did I learn in last class…:)

Sorry everyone for being away for so long. Life is really hectic now. Busier than a Bee. Work is crazy, MBA is speeding away and there is no time left for personal life. Even on weekends it is either work or study. This weekend had to complete the Microeconomics exam. Have to still finish 10% of it. Can u imagine have been working on it since yesterday morning, ofcourse with James bond movie and other crap which goes on in TV. Finally today morning just went to Barnes and Nobles(Bookstore) and sat and worked on the exam. Anyway…

This thursday we started our Corporate finance class. We have a new professor, good one. Sounds like a technical guy. Concentrates more on numbers, calculations. Lets see how it goes. First class was fun. I have never laughed more in class since my MBA started last september. So here is what went on…

We learnt 3 important things in class.
1. JH is one of our class members. He is a great guy. Kind of serious looking and is at a very high position in one of the forture 500 companies. So is very smart, mainly serious(u will hardly see him laugh) and great guy. So our prof was teaching us about NPV and IRR. Basically it is used to evaluate the Business decisions. NPV calculates net $ values u can earn from a project and IRR calculates similar stuff in %(lets not go in more details)..:) So our prof in short was saying IRR is crap and u should always use NPV. So JH mentioned they use IRR and bla bla bla. So Prof and JH were having some discussion about this. I was almost going to doze off when suddenly prof said “U are destroying value by using IRR”. Suddenly the whole class burst in laugher. 🙂 So first lesson we learnt was “JH is destroying value”…:):) That was funny.

2. ZY is another of our class members and again discussion is about NPV. ZY had some problem understanding how u can compare NPV for large and small projects. Again some bla bla bla and again I am going to doze off and suddenly ZY says…”Size does matter….” Again the whole class burst in laughter. That was good but after around 5 minutes suddenly Yang again said something like , I don’t belive it… So again whole class burst out in laughter… So second lesson “Size does matter but ZY does not belive it”..:):)

3. Never use IRR, NPV is better.


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  1. posting after a month! u surely hv been bussyyyyyyyyyyyyy 😀
    itni padhai mat karo!! 😀
    lol.. take care and keep working, and studying.. and blogging too! 🙂

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