Entertainment is more amazing with Xbox

Since November 2011, I have been working in Entertainment Services team as part of Xbox Live. Last week was a huge milestone for us, millions of customers around the globe started getting updates to their Xbox 360 and hopefully millions more will be buying and installing Windows 8 especially Surface from Microsoft. Smile All these devices have a common and consistent entertainment experiences powered by services built by our team. Yes when you play a track on Xbox Music or watch a movie on Xbox Video that experience is powered by our team. It is amazing to be at the edge of a space that is changing so fast.

It was amazing experience to drive key discovery scenarios for the release including

  • Most Popular Music, Movies and TV
  • Top Purchased/Rented Music, Movies and TV
  • Top Rated content
  • Search Relevancy

Pictures are worth 1000 words:

Most Popular Movies on Xbox 360


Windows 8 Music App: Top Music


Windows 8 Music App: Top Songs


Windows 8 Music App: Top Artists and Play Top songs


Windows 8 Video App:Top Rented Movies


Windows 8 Video App: Top Selling TV Series


Working on more amazing stuff but more on that once we launch. Smile

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