Reflection on 2012

2012 was an amazing year for me. 2012 was the year I got to best health in my life.  Additionally

  1. Fitness: I became a Triathlete by completing Lavaman in Hawaii and a Marathoner by finishing Chicago Marathon
  2. Work: I had changed roles end of 2011 and shipped entertainment service for Xbox 360, Windows 8 and Windows Phone in 2012
  3. Charity: Raised roughly 10k for Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to find cure for blood cancers.

Fitness: 2012 started with practicing for Lavaman. It was hectic few months of training for swim, bike and run. Run was easy, bike was fun and swim was scary. Smile I freaked out just before the event but was able to still finish. Next I trained for Chicago marathon which as amazing experience.

Work: I changed jobs and joined Xbox end of 2011. Had tons of fun and enjoyed every day of 2012 working in Xbox team. It was an amazing experience to ship entertainment (Video and Music) services that power all Windows and Xbox devices. Next time you switch on your Xbox or Windows device and see popular stuff that is all developed by our team.

Status Report: (2012 Resolution List)

  1. Maintain weight under 185lbs: I achieved 185 but gained some now. Time to get back to 185 in 2013.
  2. Participate in 12 events: Lavaman, Chicago Marathon, Seattle RnR(Half), Seattle Marathon(Half), Resolution Run, Mercer Island 10k, Bellevue 10k, Kirkland 5k, Microsoft Campus Jam
  3. Get financial health in order and reduce recurring credit card debt to $0.
  4. Read everyday for 15-30minutes before sleeping
  5. Participate in 1 outdoor activity(walk, run etc.) with Swati every week.
  6. Volunteer time(at least 25hrs) for a charitable cause
  7. Start a business(maybe small or tiny or something… Smile)… Start something…

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