Entertainment is more amazing with Xbox

Since November 2011, I have been working in Entertainment Services team as part of Xbox Live. Last week was a huge milestone for us, millions of customers around the globe started getting updates to their Xbox 360 and hopefully millions more will be buying and installing Windows 8 especially Surface from Microsoft. Smile All these devices have a common and consistent entertainment experiences powered by services built by our team. Yes when you play a track on Xbox Music or watch a movie on Xbox Video that experience is powered by our team. It is amazing to be at the edge of a space that is changing so fast.

It was amazing experience to drive key discovery scenarios for the release including

  • Most Popular Music, Movies and TV
  • Top Purchased/Rented Music, Movies and TV
  • Top Rated content
  • Search Relevancy

Pictures are worth 1000 words:

Most Popular Movies on Xbox 360


Windows 8 Music App: Top Music


Windows 8 Music App: Top Songs


Windows 8 Music App: Top Artists and Play Top songs


Windows 8 Video App:Top Rented Movies


Windows 8 Video App: Top Selling TV Series


Working on more amazing stuff but more on that once we launch. Smile

Chicago Marathon Completed

Last year I decided to run a full marathon. It took me almost 18 months to reach my goal. Finally the D-day came in Chicago. I have always loved Chicago but now it will be special for life. The city where I finished by first marathon. First of many more to come.

Most importantly I get to run for a great cause, fighting cancer, doing my bit to help the world to be better place. So many stories, so much pain is still around and it is sad to hear all of it. I just hope I can do something to help.

Chicago Marathon was amazing. We left Seattle on Friday for Chicago, after 4 hours flight reached O’hare airport. Took public transport to our hotel, Double Tree. Then it was time to wait and fuel up. Smile Had lot of deep dish pizza.

Race day was perfect, great weather around 40-50 deg for running. Overall I finished much slower than what I had imagined but goal was to finish and I achieved it. Actually felt really great at end of the race.

Some Pictures from the race




Full Album: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151470869862222.594322.695937221&type=1&l=54a462a22a