Good Bye 2011–Year that changed me…

When I started this year I would never have imagined this will be the year that will bring sooo many changes in my life. Smile 2010 was huge as it brought 2 angels in our lives but 2011 changed my perspective to life… Smile

Health: I started this year with 7 resolutions and Theme: Adopt healthy life style. You can read the original post here. At the end of the year I can say I did pretty well. Lost 40lbs, my diabetes is gone and am fittest ever in my life. Smile

Work: I also changed my job and took a big step by moving to a new division still in Microsoft but it is like a new company and new job so I start from scratch again. Smile Should be a fun ride in 2012.

Giving: 2011 was the year I got involved in the community and started giving. I should correct that, my first donation ever was to Obama campaign in 2008. Smile But I got involved with Team and Training and started raising money for cancer cure supporting LLS. I raised around 4-5k this year with more than 1k from me. Which is huge for me. Smile I hope I can continue this and grow it in 2012.

Overall was a great year… Now review of my 2011 resolutions…

  1. Hit the Gym at least 3 times a week – PASS
  2. Read at least 1 book every 2 months – FAIL
  3. Write at least one blog post every week – PASS
  4. Write some code every week – FAIL
  5. Get credit card debt to 0 and payoff one more debt – FAIL
  6. Either run the Seattle marathon or bike from Seattle to Portland – PASS(Did run 2 half’s maybe I can count them as one)
  7. Start one weekly external activity with Swati – FAIL

Time to write my 2012 resolutions… Smile

Year End Staycation in Seattle

This week I had taken off from work. Wanted to spend time with Swati and Boyz and explore Seattle area especially wanted to take kids to few local places. We visited Winterfest in Seattle center, Seattle Aquarium and Museum of flights this week. Smile 

Was great fun to see kids enjoy all the places. Pictures are worth million words.. These snaps from this week will tell you the story…

Winterfest @ Seattle Center:


Seattle Aquarium:


Museum of Flights:


San Diego Vacation

Teji was visiting us from Germany for couple of weeks and planned to return on 20th Dec. We were planning to go to airport to drop her so then we started thinking why not just take a flight and take a quick vacation… Smile We had not been to San Diego so thought that maybe a great place to visit.

We booked our tickets with miles and got great deal at Coronado Bay resort. Smile We stayed there for 5 days, mostly did nothing much did not even visit San Diego downtown. Stayed at the resort and enjoyed Coronado town. Visited local restaurants and enjoyed walking around with kidz. Smile