Saturday Run at Lake Young’s Park in 17deg Temp

Today our run was at lake Young’s Park. It was 17 degrees outside with snow on the trails. My hands were completely cold by end of the run/walk. Today I just walked could not run in the cold weather and especially slippery trail. Whole walk was for roughly 70mins for 4miles.

My SatRun app on Windows Phone is cool but had to install full version.. Smile 


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Type: Run – General
Duration: 1:08:46
Distance: 3.52 mi

Team Run at Lincoln Park

WOW!!! Lincoln park has one of the most beautiful trails I have seen in Seattle area. You can see Olympic mountain and the trails is on the beach. Smile It was windy and cold but the scenic trials helped handle it. Smile 

Today was tough for me, my legs were paining as hell not sure what I did wrong. Maybe did not stretch enough. I ran/walked for roughly 4.6 miles in 60 or so minutes. Few photos from today…




Practice Run at Gasworks Park

This Saturday practice was at Gasworks park on Burke Gilman trail. We practiced for 50min and I ran roughly 3.6miles. Which I could not imagine to do 3 weeks back. Smile I had never been to Gasworks park and had no clue how beautiful the trail is. You can see Seattle skyline from the park and the trail is amazing as it passes through university… Smile 3 weeks into this I am feeling much better… This weeks run was much easier than the first weeks…

I was able to join the team on Thursday for the run at Bellevue Square park.

Not doing so well on fund raising. Sad smile 


Boyz Turned 1!!!

This week was huge for us. Our Boyz turned 1 on 2nd Feb. Smile First year is really tough especially with twins. First few days when our parents were around things were still ok but after that it is a complete chaos.. Now that both have started crawling and standing things are becoming more interesting.

Anyway, I missed the birthday as I was in Santa Clara for work. Sad smile Anyway some picture we took this weekend.. Smile 


Saturday Practice at Mill Creek

This week was in California for a conference. Conferences are tough on workout. Got some workout done but not enough… This Saturday our team practice was at Mill Creek. The trails at Mill Creek are really awesome. We started at Run26 store, by far the best store for running gear… We also had a clinic covering running, gear and injuries. This we ran for 40minutes up from 30minutes last week. I ran for 20 or so minutes and I walked remaining. I think I will just do that in final marathon event too.. Few pictures and location from the run…


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