Our boyz have arrived!!!

After 2 weeks of keeping us on our toes, our boyz arrived on 2nd Feb around 4:40pm. 🙂 Abhi, Arni and Swati are doing great. Arni is currently in NICU and will be there for some time but he is doing fine. Abhi has already moved in with us. 🙂


1. Arnav(Arni): 4.3 pounds, birth time – 4:40pm on 2nd Feb 2010

a. Arnav means Ocean in Sanskrit.

b. Arni is of Hebrew origin and means “high”

2. Abhinav(Abhi): 5.4 pounds, birth time- 4:41pm on 2nd Feb 2010

a. Abhinav means Young; innovative.

b. Abhi means fearless in Sanskrit

Few Snaps:

1. Abhi with Mom and Dad


2. Abhi with Mom


3. Arni with Dad