Happy New Year with Twins on the way…

Happy New Year or I should say Happy new Decade. 🙂 What a decade it was. Personally it was huge for me with tons of changes. I moved to US in 2001, Got married in Dec 2002 and had an amazing time since then. 🙂

2009 was special for us we had an amazing vacation in Italy which was dream come true for Swati. 🙂 I have been too busy to blog regularly especially since September. With tons for travel for office around the world including Hong Kong, Berlin, LA, Kansas City, NY, Louisville etc. Work is hectic as usual. But main reason for my being busy and not having enough time for blogging or other similar activities is next transition in our life… 🙂

YES WE ARE EXPECTING… That too TWINS. 🙂 Due date is anytime from now to mid Feb. Later the better for us and keeping our fingers crossed. Pregnancy is tough on Swati especially with Twins but it is also fun. It is amazing how technology has advanced. You can really see both babies very early on in Ultrasound and then track there progress. It is an awesome experience. Now we have 2 doc appointments every week.


2010 will be huge with we going from 2 to 4. Happy new year to everyone and will try to be in touch with y’all through this blog.

Enjoy and Happy New Year!!!