Oregon Road Trip


This weekend we went on another one of our road trips. We headed south to Oregon and drove on US 101. US 101 is one of the best scenic byways you ca drive on. You have ocean on one side of the highway. 🙂

First night we stayed in Tillamook and then headed to Gold beach on day 2. The drive was beautiful. 🙂 Gold beach was a bit of disappointment, hotel we booked was not good so we just took off 1 day early and next headed to Woodburn company stores. 🙂 Of course had to shop in Oregon(no sales tax. :)). We spend day 3 in Portland. Visited Multinomah falls, Chinese garden, Powells book shop. 🙂 Next returned back home.

It is good to spend most on Monday at home and prepare for office tomorrow.

Again highligh was drive on 101. 🙂 Nothing can beat a beautiful drive. 🙂

Turning 34 with Jagjit Singh Concert

This Thursday I turned 34… Its been a long journey from Navy Nagar in Mumbai to Seattle, WA. It is strange how life changes… All my childhood friends are in far away land and we hardly talk nowadays but moments like these bring back good old memories….

One of my very close friend Beri’s birthday is on 13th May(Happy Birthday Beri) and growing up we always celebrated our birthdays together.. 🙂 He was the one who forced me to my first Jagjit live concert… 🙂 I celebrated my 34th birthday this week by attending another one of Jagjit concerts with Swati. It was beyond awesome… 🙂

This songs is so true: 🙂



Last Lecture – Randy Pausch

There are very few books or videos that really change your life. Last lecture is one that will really change your life. It is all about achieving your childhood dreams. Randy is no more with us but he has left a legacy. Dream and Dream big and then work hard to achieve them. 🙂 I had seen the lecture first and then I read this book. Book provides background on the lecture and Randy’s life. Was a great read. Actually some portions of book are really emotional. Great read I will highly recommend watching the lecture and reading the book.

The Last Lecture


Rating: ★★★★★