Barack Obama hope for future

Hope my tomorrow is better than today. Hope that my children will have better life than me. Hope that I can enjoy this planet everyday of my life. Hope there is peace around me. Hope I can achieve everything I want to based on my hard work.

Decision in this election is only one, "Do you want to look in future or do you want to be bogged down by past". Yes McCain is the past, he still looks at world from filter of cold war. You need good judgement and temperament to be leader of this world.

You have to hear this speech even if you are a republican…

Colleges & Universities that shaped me

Following are some snaps of colleges and Universities I studied in. While in India I got an opportunity to take snaps of my old colleges so I thought I will bring it all together. 🙂

Image:UniversityOfMumbai.png University of Mumbai(Bombay): University for my Undergrad(Bachelors)


Image:University of Bombay2.jpg  Clock Tower: Mumbai University by babasteve.

Elphinstone College where I did my junior college(11th and 12th).

IMG_2758 IMG_2760

K.C. College where I studies for my Bachelors program

IMG_2740 IMG_2742

       UNC at Chapel Hill: University where I did my MBA.


Kenan-Flagler Business School where I did my MBA.


IMG_0466 IMG_0469

The New and The Old

We just returned from our 3 weeks vacation from India. It was a visit after 4 years and we could really see the difference. Development is everywhere lots of bridges, roads and cars. 🙂 Economy is booming and people are spending. Things are really expensive even compared to US standards. Just an example, Houses cost much more in Mumbai than in US.

Following are few snaps from my visit which show the new and old living together in India. We in US talk about renewable energy. It was surprising for me to see wind farms near my village. I mean my village is real village and just see the contrast, first couple of pictures are of wind farms and other 2 are of bullock carts and bulls which are still used for transport and agriculture by few.(of course 90% of agriculture is based on tractors and other modern equipment). 🙂

IMG_2800  IMG_2830


IMG_2803 IMG_2845