Five future strategies you need right now

BCG MissionToday while flying back from Dallas I picked up this book. I wanted to read something that I could finish in couple of hours and was valuable in business terms. This book turned out to be a real good one. There is some fluff in it but some content is real great. George has really done a great job of keeping it in around 100 pages and highlighting the key future strategies.

According to George the 5 key strategies to look forward to are

  1. Supply Chain Gymnastics : Our infrastructure on west coast is crumbling and in future importing things from overseas through sea route may not be feasible. How can you react as business to this?
  2. Sidestepping Economies of Scale: Bigger may not be always better. George talks about disposable factories. It is not a new concept, it is very common concept in project oriented industries where you setup small manufacturing operation on project site. 
  3. Dynamic pricing: Ability to provide unique price to individual buyer. I have heard about this in past but George brought it home with a great example. Example he gave was of toll charges which change based on traffic patterns using RFID. It is being tested in Washington state.
  4. Embracing complexity: Other way of putting this is increasing and accepting configurability of products. Every individual should be able to uniquely design the product he desires. Great example of this is MINI. 🙂
  5. Infinite Bandwidth: Leveraging high speed Internet bandwidth to change business processes or even define new business models.

It is a good book and will highly recommend it to everyone. 🙂 Enjoy

Quick trip to Vancouver

It was a long weekend(memorial day) in US. We had 3 days off so we decided to go to Vancouver for couple of days. Vancouver is very similar to Seattle, similar weather, similar shopping places and life style. We loved the downtown area and Stanley park was beautiful.

The only negative part was 2 hours wait at border while going and another hour while returning. That took away all the excitement we had. We visited the Punjabi market in Vancouver. It is a good place to visit you feel as if you are visiting a small town in Punjab(I have never been to one. :)).



Stanley Park & Downtown area

Hillary Clinton

Just came home and switched on the TV to watch Hillary’s comments on Bobby Kennedy’s assassination. From first look of her comments it feels she wants Obama assassinated so she can get the nomination.

That is disgusting. I am not sure what to say about this. What does she want? She lost the delegate race. She has lost more states to Obama. Her supporters disenfranchised Florida and Michigan first and now she wants to count there votes because she can do anything to win the nomination. If she cared about them she should have done that in Jan when the decision was made. She says she won the popular vote without counting the caucus states like Washington where I live. WHAT THE F**K is this. AND now she wants to stay in the race so someone can assassinate Obama and she can become the nominee. THAT IS DISGUSTING AND I AM DONE WITH HER.

Portland Rally with 75,000 attendees

This is amazing. Never seen that many people for a Rally. Waiting for results from Oregon and Kentucky. Obama will get majority delegates and I don’t think DNC has the guts to refuse him the nomination. I know Obama can win because this campaign is run not by just him but millions of people like me who have never actively participated in politics and are now ready to do our part.

Go Obama. :) 

Portland Rally: "Wow, wow, wow"

By Christopher Hass – May 18th, 2008 at 9:07 pm EDT

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6 Cars in 7 Years

Couple of years back I wrote a post titled 4 Cars in 5 years and yet not satisfied…. It described my obsession of buying cars. I had owned 4 cars in 5 years. 🙂 Since few more things have changed.

After moving to Seattle, we sold our 2 cars and bought 2 new cars. We bought a Toyota Camry 2008 model which I will drive and just last week we bought Mini Cooper for Swati. It is an amazing car and Swati loves it. 🙂 It was her dream to own a MINI. Take a look at few snaps.

IMG_2412IMG_2413 IMG_2419

It is very tiny car but really spacious for 2 people. The best thing, it is convertible. :):):) Love it.