Our First Political Rally… Obama was electrifying

Today we attended Obama rally at Key Arena in Seattle. It was amazing. The stadium can seat 18000 people it was over filled with many people standing. There were additional 4000 people outside.

Governor Gregoire edorsed Obama in the rally. Her speech was great. I think she has great future in politics. Seattle Mayor also spoke really well. But Obama was electric. It was chilling atmosphere with energy in the air. Amazing stuff. 🙂 Never seen that much enthusiasm in the air. There were so many young people in the rally it was unbelievable. On our way home Swati said "I am inspired"… That was amazing. 🙂 Go Obama…

Few Snaps.




There is no comparison… Obama is the best…

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Obama wins across the Country

Today Obama said “We are the Ones We’ve been waiting for” . That is an amazing statement… Just amazing…

I have spoken to many folks and they thought it is still difficult for Obama to win in US. Today he proved it completely wrong. He won across the country. He won south, he won west, he won east and he won north.. Imagine Obama winning North Dakota, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Utah, Missouri… That is something…


The battle is still tough and it is long way to go. I think Obama is the guy.. Lets get back to work…

Maria Shriver to endorse Obama

Maria Shriver is wife of Governor of California, Arnold…. That is amazing…

LOS ANGELES (CNN) — Maria Shriver will endorse Democrat Barack Obama’s White House bid today at a Los Angeles rally.

The California First Lady will make a surprise appearance on-stage at the Sunday event, backed by the candidate’s wife Michelle Obama, talk show host Oprah Winfrey and Shriver’s cousin Caroline Kennedy

Shriver is married to California’s Republican Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who endorsed GOP presidential hopeful John McCain earlier this week.

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