Our First NFL game – Seahawks played Ravens

We were lucky to get tickets for Seahawks game on Dec 23rd. Being a holiday weekend most people were traveling and someone from MS had a spare ticket for us. 🙂

It was an amazing experience to watch our first NFL game. Seahawks did not disappoint us at all with 27-6 win. 🙂 I am sure this will be just a first in many games we will go for. Here are some snaps from the game…



Playing for Pizza

Author – John Grisham

It is just hilarious. This was first time I experience a audio book. In our journey from Raleigh to Seattle we heard this book. It was just hilarious. It is about a third string quarter back of Cleveland Browns. He screws up big time in a critical game. He is thrown out and with no options left he goes and plays in Italian league of American football. The story is about his experiences in Italy. If you like football and love comedy. This is for you. My journey was so much more enjoyable because of this book. J Go get it .. J