Moving to Seattle: Destination Seattle!!(Day-7)

We started for the last leg of our journey on the day of thanksgiving celebrated all over this nation. Happy thanksgiving!!! Started in the morning @ 7.00am. It was 20 degrees F outside real real cold. As we drove towards Seattle we entered the Mountain Time zone. This was also one great advantage which played in our favor in every step of the journey. We got an extra hour as we travelled up north. This was the time when we finally drove through the mountains. It was like finally we see them after staring at them all this while. The drive thru Oregon Mountains was truly exciting. The best of all time thru the snow capped mountains. The sky was clear blue and that enhanced the snow covered trees. We crossed thru the enchanting Blue Mountains and Snowquamie pass on our way to Seattle. We finally arrived in Seattle with a sense of achievement .This definitely is journey of a lifetime for us. This trip has taught us so much together. Of respecting and adoring mighty nature. Of being humble and accepting that we are just a part of this universe. There are so many things to see in this beautiful world around us. Every Endeavour has taught us something moving ahead in life. Here we are driven 3000 miles across 13 states and our quest for the journey, doubtful of even attempting it. But that’s where we underestimate our human spirit if we ever decide on doing something our minds just work towards it. Its just that you have to take that first step and you will be amazed what you could achieve. So Seattle here we come!!!!


Miles driven: 500

Miles States covered: Oregon, Washington

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Moving to Seattle: Boise, ID(Day-6)

We started our drive towards Boise, Idaho around 12.00pm. We descended down from the mountains and there were still mountains in our far far vicinity. It seemed like we are driving from a longtime with the backdrop of mountains but not getting closer to them. Almost like a mirage. As we reached Boise around 5.00 pm , it was like this cool little place with foot friendly downtown. There were some top notch restaurants with gourmet food.


Miles driven: 340 miles

States covered: Utah, Idaho

Following are few pics and the complete slideshow is here. 

Moving to Seattle: Park City, UT(Day-5)

Our next drive was towards Salt lake City, Utah. We started from Cheyenne early in the morning even before sunrise around 6.30 am. The weather was cold 26 degrees F. You could easily feel the chilly morning. The weather forecast showed for some cold weather and snow flurries in the afternoon. Hopefully we would be near Park City. In this drive our landscape was slowly changing from flay plains to the beginning of mountains. There were raw and bare mountains showing decades and decades of rock formations. That’s when it struck me Gosh this country is sooo beautiful. There is so much to see. As we drove through Rawlins there were mountains and mountains as far as we could see. We crossed the continental divide. It was interesting to find out about the great divide. That was the highest altitude of our complete journey 7000 ft. above sea level. At around 2.45 pm today we complete 2000miles almost two thirds of our trip, yohoo:) We reach Park City around 4.00pmin the afternoon. Park City is a bustling town and I was surprise to see so many people there. We stayed in a ski resort and there were ski slopes backing the hotel with tons of indoor activities too. It’s a ski town and all the steep ski slopes are the reason for the hustle and bustle in the city.


Miles Driven: 445 miles

States covered: Wyoming, Utah

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Moving to Seattle: Cheyenne, WY(Day-4)

We started our journey to Cheyenne, WY. The drive was long through the flatlands. As it was early winter time it was getting windy but still the temperature was around 70 degrees. The harvest was just over and the fields were all dried. There were hay stacks rolled up into big bundles lying on the fields giving a glimpse of rural life. As we entered Wyoming the wild west image came in front of me which till now was seen only in movies. We stayed in Cheyenne, which was a huge and economically flourishing town at its time. Reminiscent of old rail roads. I was remembering all the times when I had seen wild west themes in Universal studios, this was in fact the original style which they were emulating!! Check out Sudhir’s cow boy hat!!!

Miles driven: 441 miles

States covered: Nebraska,Wyoming

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Moving to Seattle: Kansas City (Day-3)

Early morning we start driving towards Kansas City. We reached the Kansas City downtown around 11.00am in the morning. We strolled thru Kansas City 150 years old City market. There were small shops including Italian grill, barbeque joint, spices from all over the world. Some of the best food discovered is along these small joints in local markets which has evolved for so many years with influences across cultures. Just after lunch we started driving towards Nebraska. The heartlands as everybody had told me earlier are going to be flat but I had not imagined it to be so flat:):) As far a I could see there were wide expanses of land. Agriculture being the primary activity. We need to thank the heartlands for feeding our whole nation. We stayed in Lincoln, Nebraska this night.

Miles driven: 448 miles

States covered: Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska

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Moving to Seattle: St. Louis, MO (Day-2)

Our next stop was St. Louis Missouri, surprisingly the Missouri state boundary crosses thru Missouri river and the bridge on the river had a sign which said Missouri state line:):) we saw the gateway arch, monument built to mark the entry into the west. Amazing feat of architecture. Gateway arch was indeed our gateway into the west.

Miles driven: 308 miles

States covered: Kentucky, Illinois, Missouri

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Moving to Seattle: Nashville, TN(Day-1)

We started driving towards Nashville from Raleigh @ 8.00am in the morning. We reach Nashville @ 5.30pm.It was a long and tiring drive. Leaving Raleigh was emotional, this place will always have a special corner in my heart. If only we could take all our friends along ….. I guess that’s life though, thinking of what we are leaving behind here made us thank god of giving the opportunity to meet such awesome people. Thanks all you guys for always being there and you all will be missed…yes each and every one of you:):)

The drive was good with perfect late fall colors. The smoky mountains were so beautiful with deep red leafs. We went to Broadway street in downtown Nashville and I was amazed at the music scene there. Every bar had different music which could be heard walking down the street itself. Music city to the core. We went to Robert’s western world and there was this band playing country music. Every song of his made us tap our feet on the floor, truly amazing. We went to BB Kings next. You almost could sense the history and Nashville’s rich music heritage inside these bars.

Miles driven: 523 miles,

States covered: North Carolina, Tenesse

Following are few pics and the complete slideshow is here. 


Moving To Seattle

As I mentioned few weeks back I will be working for BizTalk RFID team as Product Manager. Part of this opportunity was to move to Seattle. Last few weeks have been really hectic. I have been constantly on the road since I joined the team on 1st of October. Finally the day has come when we have decided to move. I have not got a chance to say good bye to so many of my friends in RTP area. L But the timing was right and once I started working for the new team it was better we moved there sooner than later.

We have decided to take this once in life time opportunity to drive all the way to Seattle from Raleigh. J Yes we are not crazy we just thought it would be fun. J Hope it is really fun. If not we have a plan B, sell car to local carmax on our way and fly to Seattle. JJJ

Some Stats: It is 3000+ miles with around 50 hours of driving over 8-9 days.

Following is our planned route. Will keep you updated as we start driving with lots of photos and details. J Will let you guys know if we change the route. J