My Recent love for Baseball…

Last week Sonali and Adil visited us from Washington. We all went to Frankies, which has a Baseball batting cage. It was first time hitting baseball balls for me. It was amazing. I just loved it. It is like playing cricket with round bat and every ball is a full toss. What more can you ask for. I have grown up playing cricket; we use to play every weekend. I have visited the batting cage 3 times since last week. J

This weekend we got tickets to a baseball game at Durham Bulls Park between USA and Japan. The actual game was slow for my liking but the atmosphere was amazing and our seats were so close to the field it was a great experience. J Following are some snaps from the ball game.



07/07/07: Special Day

Today is special day in my life. First of all it is 7/7/7 that is 3 7’s and 7 is any way special for me. I will not go in depth of why but lot of important things have happened in my life on 7th. 10 years ago on this day I started my first job. It was 07/07/97 when I started working for Baan Info Systems. Our first day was in Baan Hyderabad where we started our initial training. J

Last 10 years have been really exciting and they just flew by. I have learnt a lot and have changed a lot over a period of time. I have become much more patient and thoughtful. J I have started eating food of every cuisine, if you knew me 10 years back I didn’t eat anything other than Indian food and now I prefer trying every cuisine possible. This change is not just about food it is about lifestyle and how I have moved on as a person. The change from hectic life style of Mumbai to slow and steady lifestyle in Raleigh, US. J

Looking back in these 10 years there is nothing I would do differently if I got a chance to relive them. On that note, I wish my next 10 years are also as exciting, successful and enjoyable as last 10 years. J

Good Night.