Looking Back: 2006

2006 is going to be over in 45 minutes. I just wanted to spend few minutes thinking about what all happened this year. Here are 7 big events that happened in 2006 in our lives.

  1. By far the most important event was getting opportunity to work for Microsoft. This August I joined Microsoft as Program Manager for Visual Studio team. It is going to be a great learning experience to work for the biggest software development firm in the world. 2007 should be very big in my career.
  2. Second most important event was purchase of our new house in Brier Creek Country Club. We have been looking at houses in Brier Creek Country club for few years. Finally we bought a Town home on 12th fairway on December 7th. The home is beautiful and we just love it. We actually moved all the furniture just this Friday that is 29th. We are very excited about the house.
  3. Next big event was visit of Mom and Dad to US. This May Mom Dad visited us for 3 months. We both really enjoyed their presence.
  4. We sold our Mustang and bought Toyota Carola. Mustang was good for just both of us but with Mom/Dad around we need a car for 4 people. J
  5. While working at Sirit/Samsys we released first beta version of our next generation RFID reader IN510. It was a great learning experience for me to work with great people especially Joe, Damon and other. I really learnt a lot.
  6. I gave a presentation at Microsoft TechEd in Boston on RFID. For me personally that was big. I have given a lot of presentation but this was the biggest podium I have presented at… JJ
  7. All my core courses for MBA got over on December 25th. Now just electives to go and I will be an MBA… JJ

Vacation Time: Miami

We drove from Key West to Miami early in the morning. The drive was great with blue waters of the Atlantic on both sides. Miami to me was a hip place with all the diverse cultural influences. I felt as if I was in Paris or Milan. We stayed at the Royal palms hotel which backed the ocean. We were at a walking distance from Lincoln Road Mall which was an active street with all the apparel showrooms shouldering around with big names in fashion. I was amazed at the busy pace of life their. Almost reminded me of Bombay where I grew up. Me and Sudhir strolled down Lincoln road mall almost thrice that’s how amazing it was, it had these restaurants with outside seats, very European. Let me tell you the water on south beach is the most bluest and amazingly clear. This is the best beach I have ever seen in my life. Me and Sudhir enjoyed early morning walks on the beach collecting shells. Miami has an impressive skyline with all the new skyscrapers coming up. This was a relaxing vacation for us rejuvenated to take on the new year.

More Photos are at http://www.sudspace.com/albums/thumbnails.php?album=29

Vacation Time: Key west

Key West was one of the places to see on our list for a longtime now, so I had all the anticipation built up for it. We drove down to Key West from Miami .Florida keys are made of group of islands at the southernmost part of USA. On our way down we stayed a night in Key Largo. The keys to me reminded me of the small town America. We drove down further south headed towards Key West. Key West is approx. 150 miles by road from Miami. Key West still has its pristine glory to it. We stayed at the Wyndham Casa Marina hotel, an awesome place to stay with its own private beach. There were a lot of water sports related activities here. A walk down Duval Street which is the most happening and lively street we saw al the local artists and craftsman shops. Key West is also called the conch republic. Here we also saw the southernmost house of USA. Lying on a hammock in the beach and watching the night sky was a memorable experience for me and Sudhir.

Vacation Time…

Last few weeks have been so busy, but finally it is over. We are off to a vacation. Will try keeping the blog updated from Florida, hopefully every hotel we are staying in has a wireless network. So where are we going? Here is the plan.. J


Merry Christmas and Happy holidays to everyone. J

Our 4th Anniversary

Today was our 4th anniversary. It was a hectic day for me at work. We had planned to go to a great restaurant at Country Club. I was so busy I did not get any time to call and make reservation the whole day and when I finally called around 5:45PM, I came to know that restaurant closes at 6:00 on Tuesdays. So that was a flop show. I did not get time to buy gift for Swati, so finally I just ran to the Mall and bought a gift certificate for her. That is bad. L This weekend we are going to Florida, I will try to make up for this. J

Last 4 years just flew by. In last 4 years I think we have realized how different we are but I guess the fun is in being different. Actually this difference in us is what brings us closer. Anyway. It is almost mid night so I will go to sleep now. J