Motorola bought Symbol

Today Motorola bought Symbol technologies. Symbol is the market leader in RFID hardware market. They specialize in fixed and mobile readers. Traditionally they have been very strong players in handheld bar code readers. This deal is a great news for RFID market. RFID market needs bigger players. Who can take advantage of economies of scale and bring in lot more money for innovation….

So I think this is turning point in the RFID industry and there will be more big deals and lot of big companies will enter the market… I am waiting for Intermec, Alien, Sirit to be taken over next.. Lets see how that goes…

Trip to Niagara falls…

View from hotelOne of the vacation spots in our to visit list in 7s was Niagara falls. So finally we decided to visit Niagara falls this weekend.

This was one of the best vacations we have had. We just did nothing… We had booked our room in Hotel Sheraton. Our room was on 31st floor with view of both american and canadian falls. You can see the view we had in the photo. If u ever visit Niagara u should stay in the hotel with has similar view. The feeling is amazing. It was just beautiful. We just spend hours watch at the falls from our room. Also the windows were huge. I mean there was no wall just window..:) It was great.. We also went to the Niagara casino hotel. It has good views and great restaurants.

We also stopped at Buffalo on our way back. It is small and beautiful town.

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