New Job, Program Manager at Microsoft

Around 1st week of May I got a call from Microsoft asking me if I was interested in working with Microsoft. I was like “Sure…” Since then I went through various interviews and finally a week back I got an offer from Microsoft, position is Program Manager for VSTS team in Raleigh. It was like dream come true. To be frank I was not even looking for a change at this point of time in life but when an opportunity comes without asking for it you have to take it. It is a good omen (Read Alchemist).

I was really impressed by the interview process at Microsoft; especially the whole day interview onsite was amazing. The focus was on design questions. I thoroughly enjoyed the process and I guess that is the most important thing to do, enjoy it. I spoke to 5 Program Managers in Microsoft and finally I spoke to the Product Unit Manager for Raleigh office.

I will start working for Microsoft on 7th August. 7 is the luckiest date/number for me, will write a separate post about that later. Till then enjoy.