Some facts I read

Some facts and predictions to make you think

  • Total world cross-border trade as a percentage of global GDP1990: 18%2015 (estimated): 30%
  • Number of regional trade agreements1990: 502005: 250
  • Change in Germany’s population over the age of 75 from 2005 to 2015: 33%
  • Increase in tax burden needed to maintain current benefit levels for Germany’s future generation: 90%
  • Change in Japan’s population over the age of 75 from 2005 to 2015: 36%
  • Change in Japan’s population under the age of 5 from 2005 to 2015: -13%
  • Increase in tax burden needed to maintain current benefit levels for Japan’s future generation: 175%
  • Computational capability of an Intel processor, as measured in instructions per second1971: 60,0002005: 10,800,000,000
  • Multiple by which e-mail traffic has grown from 1997 to 2005: 215
  • Number of US tax returns prepared in India2003: 25,0002005: 400,000
  • Combined market cap of top 150 mega-institutions1994: $4 trillion2004: $11 trillion
  • Total capital under management by private equity firms in 2003 in the United States and Europe: $1 trillion
  • Market cap of the NYSE in 2003: $11 trillion
  • Growth rate of the total wealth controlled by millionaires in China from 1986 to 2001: 600%
  • Estimated number of Chinese households to achieve European income levels by 2020 (assuming real income grows at 8 percent annually): 100 million
  • Total number of workers in China: 750 million
  • Number employed in China’s state-owned companies: 375 million
  • Year when the income gap in the United States between the wealthiest 5% and the bottom 10% was the widest ever recorded: 2004
  • Part of national GDP spent on the public sector in the United Kingdom in 2004: 20%
  • UK public-sector spending as a ratio of GDP when transfer payments (for example, pensions) are included: 40%
  • Proportion of Latin Americans who would prefer a dictator to democracy if he improved their living conditions: 50%
  • Muslims as a percentage of the global population2000: 19%2025 (estimated): 30%
  • Number of major violent conflicts1991: 582005: 22
  • Number of coal-fired power plants China plans to build by 2012: 562
  • Estimated year China will overtake the United States as the number-one carbon emitter: 2025
  • Estimated year CO2 levels will hit 500 parts per million: 2050
  • Years since CO2 levels last hit 500 parts per million: 50 million
  • Average years it takes a CO2 molecule, once produced, to degrade: 100
  • Global CEOs who think overregulation is a threat to growth: 61%
  • Probability that a company in an industry’s top revenue quartile will not be there in five years: 30 percent

From Mckinsey website.

Lets recap

Now that I listed where we are in the course in my last post I guess it is time to recap what we learnt in last 7 months in each topics/subjects completed. So wait for recap… coming soon. 🙂

Long time no see…

Its been long time since I blogged here. Man life has been hectic. School, Office, Personal life there is no time left. But life is good. Very good. So here we are afte almost 7 months into the program and we are done with
1. General Managemeng and Strategy
2. Corporate Financial Accounting
3. Developing Leadership and Management Skills
4. Analytical tools for decision making
5. Manegerial Accounting
6. Strategic microeconomics
7. Some Communications classes

Now we have started
1. Financial Management
2. Strategic Technology

So Classes are moving in full swing… Enjoy…