This is the most interesting part of home furnishing( needless to say my favourite). The paint, the window dressings, rugs et all. Remember there are deals on these accessories and all home decor, always hunt for them in a local store or keep eyes open while in the mall. Iam making a list of all these things which are required in the house and categorising them in priorities. We dont want to get everything at one time and empty our pockets. The fact is our pockets will be empty after buying the house as it is:(:(:
There is so much info on line about the window treatments and how to measure the windows etc. The site which I found useful is, and then there are other sites like Jcpenny, pottery barn.

We have white sofas with a dash of bright contrast tones in the pillows. The walls will have earthen shades. The fireplace wall which is at the entrance will be a mandarin /pumpkin.We have not reached consensus on it, still fighting:):) The table hardware of the centretable and the side tables need to match with the window hardware. The curtains will be complementing both the sofa as well as the walls. Also guys do not forget rugs, they are an important piece of accessory in the living room. Select the rugs which pull out colors from the room and get coordinated by a visual flow. This tells you a lot about me , I like to create pretty pictures:):)Dorky
In the meantime the hunt is on!!!

David Yoffie and Michael A Cusumano (GMS Series)

Judo Strategy: The competitive dynamics of internet time
According to Judo strategy any smaller organization can take on bigger organizations by using Judo strategy.. Rules of Judo strategy are…

  • Move rapidly to uncontested grounds to avoid head on head contest
  • Be flexible and give way when attacked directly by superior force.
  • Exploit leverage that uses the weight and strength of opponents against them

Example considered in this article was about Netscape and Microsoft….

Richard A. D`Aveni(GMS Series)

Coping with Hypercompetition:Utilizing the new 7S’s framework…
Hipercompetition is

  • Highly intense competition
  • Aggressive Players
  • Between Several Players
  • With short term advantages but no long term sustainability

In Hipercompetition organizations can get a temperory advantage by using 7S’s.

  • Superior Stakeholders Equity
  • Strategic Soothsaying
  • Speed
  • Surprise
  • Shifting the rules of the game
  • Signaling strategic intent
  • Simultaneous and sequential strategic thrust

Alfred D Chandler (GMS Series)

The Enduring logic of industrial success

  • Chandler talks about economy of scale and scope.
  • The more you produce you can lower the cost and get competetive advantage.
  • Chadler also talks about first movers advantage
  • Managerial Enterprise.. Good reporting structure to better manage businesses.