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My MBA related posts

Colleges & Universities that shaped me

Following are some snaps of colleges and Universities I studied in. While in India I got an opportunity to take snaps of my old colleges so I thought I will bring it all together. 🙂

Image:UniversityOfMumbai.png University of Mumbai(Bombay): University for my Undergrad(Bachelors)


Image:University of Bombay2.jpg  Clock Tower: Mumbai University by babasteve.

Elphinstone College where I did my junior college(11th and 12th).

IMG_2758 IMG_2760

K.C. College where I studies for my Bachelors program

IMG_2740 IMG_2742

       UNC at Chapel Hill: University where I did my MBA.


Kenan-Flagler Business School where I did my MBA.


IMG_0466 IMG_0469

UNC MBA: Graduation Ceremony

Finally after 2 years of rigrous MBA program we were ready to graduate yesterday. The whole atmosphere was filled with joy. J It was nice to see everyone again.

Exec MBA is a tough program to go through. There are so many priorities you have to balance. Between Job, Studies and personal life it is really tough. There are times when I was in college until 9:30PM and then went to office as we had to meet some deadlines. But I enjoyed it a lot. The experience was amazing; it is unbelievable how much you learn from the program. Forget about Marketing or Finance or Strategy stuff you learn. You learn a lot about yourself and I think that is the most important thing to take away. I think I have changed a lot in these 2 years and I hope I can keep learning and changing for better going forward. On that note, following are few snaps from the ceremony.

Left to Right: Chris, Vicky, Jenny, Harris, Me

Me and Swati.

New Job @ Microsoft

Few weeks back I interviewed for a position as Product Manager for BizTalk RFID team. This Wednesday I accepted the offer and I will be starting my new job on 1st of October. J I am really excited about this opportunity. I could not have asked for better opportunity after my MBA. It is a marketing role focusing on worldwide launch of BizTalk RFID Server. Marketing is going to be a new area for me but I think I am ready for the challenge and it would be lot of fun. J I love traveling and I will get to do a lot of it. J

Now I prepare for my graduation on Saturday 8th September. J

Dinner and Dance @ UNC

Last few weeks have been really hectic for us. So many things have happened over last 3 weeks. I will have to post series of posts to tell you all about these. J Let me get started from 18th August. 18th was our graduation dinner and dance. It was amazing fun. There was great food, lots of beer and most importantly lot of music. We danced until mid night. After mid night we went to Franklin street and had fun at a pub. It was amazing. The weekend was back to school weekend so there were tons of students on street. The whole atmosphere was great. J

The best part was when Sandeep requested the DJ to play Hindi music in our party. He had brought Tunak Tunak Tun by Daler Mehndi. Everyone around was amazed and we all were dancing like crazy. JJJ I will try to upload a photo from that one if I get one. But till then here is a great photo of our study team. Tom and Teresa did not make it to the party.

In photo from left to right are the Sudhir & Swati, Joel & Jenny, Alejandro & Vicky, Harris & Ashley, Chris & Christen

Congratulations to class of 07

A journey that started 2 years back with 69 other unknown faces to achieve MBA got over yesterday. Over a period of 2 years I have made many friends. I am sure some of these friendships are going to last for a lifetime. J The journey was full of hard work and fun. I have learnt a lot not just from the program but also from all my classmates. J

On that note here is a picture of our immersion weekend when we started the program. I will post more about our Prom in next post.. J:JJ



Entry into BGS Honor’s society

Today I had my induction into Beta Gamma Sigma honor’s society. When I started my MBA in August 2005 I knew I will do well but I did not know I will do so well. There have been many challenges on my way. On health front I had 4 surgeries; there were many times I had to take 2 Percocet (pain killers) to sit in class. Swati had to drive me to class and wait for 3.5 hours until the class was over. On career front I joined Samsys just before MBA started and then in a year I had an opportunity to work with Microsoft which I embraced. We bought 2 houses and 1 car in last 2 years. I am still trying to sell one of them. L Things have been happening at real fast pace. But I guess I love the fast pace of life.

I have to give a lot of credit of my success to Swati. She has always been very supportive in every aspect. Did I tell you she actually read few cases for me? JJ

As Swati says, I am more energetic at 9:30 PM after my class than at 5:30PM before my class. That is how I feel, I love the program and I am learning a lot. The best part is I enjoy it. J

BGS members from class of 2007:


More about Beta Gamma Sigma (From Wikipedia)

Beta Gamma Sigma or ΒΓΣ is an honor society for business students and scholars

The aim of Beta Gamma Sigma is to encourage and honor academic achievement in the study of business and to foster personal and professional excellence among its inducted members. A major emphasis of the society is to foster ethical business leadership. Beta Gamma Sigma members reside in over 160 countries. Beta Gamma Sigma also has 18 alumni chapters located in major metropolitan areas in the U.S. and Hong Kong which provide educational and networking opportunities for members.

Membership requirements include that a student must be in the top 10% of a baccalaureate business program or the top 20% of a masters business program. While membership is highly selective, Beta Gamma Sigma is the largest alumni group in the world for graduates of business programs.

Finance Books and Movies

Our Finance professor Anil had recommended few good books and Movies on Finance. This is a great list. I have watched few movies from the list and they are really good. J

Good Movies

  1. Barbarians at the Gate
  2. Wall Street
  3. Double or Nothing
  4. Rouge Trader
  5. Boiler Room
  6. Dealers
  7. Risk/Reward (Documentary)
  8. Trading Places
  9. The Hudsucker Proxy

Good Books

  1. Liars Poker

2. Barbarians at the Gate

3. Monkey Business

4. The Predators Ball

5. Conspiracy of Fools

6. Play Money

7. When Genius Failed

8. Tearing Down the Walls

9. Beggars Banquet

10. Bringing Down the House

Creating Competitive Advantage

Creating Competitive Advantage

  • Total value created in any transaction is difference between customers willingness to pay and suppliers opportunity cost.
  • Added Value is Maximal value created by all participants in a transaction minus the maximal value that could be created without the firm
  • Unrestricted bargaining is the amount of value a firm can claim cannot exceed its added value.
  • The larger the added value higher the potential profit of the firm
  • Competitive advantage derives fundamentally from Scarcity
  • In practice managers use actual cost instead of opportunity cost because it is easier to track and calculate
  • A firm can achieve a competitive advantage by devising a way to
    • Differentiation Strategy – Raise willingness to pay a great deal with only slight increase in costs
    • Low cost strategy – Reap large cost savings with only slight decreases in customer willingness to pay
  • By Analyzing a firm activity by activity we can
    • Understand why the firm does or does not have added value
    • Spot opportunities to improve a firm’s added value
    • Foresee future shifts in added value
  • Steps to Analyze firms activities
    • Catalog Activities(Value chain)
    • Use Activities to analyze relative costs
    • Use Activities to analyze Relative willingness to pay
      • Willingness to pay calculator should be used for this
    • Explorer options and make choices
      • Competitive advantage comes from an integrated set of choices about activities



  • Successful firms chooses right industry and also right position in the industry
  • Competitive advantage derives from added value
  • Firm can’t claim any value unless it adds some value
  • To have added value firm must drive a wedge between customer willingness to pay and supplier opportunity cost
    • Wider wedge than rivals achieve
  • To attain wider wedge firm has to do different things than rivals
  • Analysis of activities can be used to assess options for creating competitive advantages. To do this management team must decompose the firm into parts-activities-but also craft a vision of an integrated whole


    Attaining Competitive advantage is just the first half of strategic struggle. Sustaining advantage in the face of relentless rivals and turbulent change is the more demanding half.



Porter – Competition shapes strategy

Competition Shapes strategy

  1. Threat of Entry

    Six major barriers for entry

    1. Economies of Scale
    2. Product Differentiation
    3. Capital Requirement
    4. Cost Disadvantage independent of size
      1. Learning curve
      2. Proprietary technology
      3. Access to best raw material sources
      4. Assets purchased at preinflation prices
      5. Government subsidies
      6. Favorable Location
    5. Access to distribution channel
    6. Government Policy


  2. Bargaining power of supplier
    1. IT is dominated by few suppliers
    2. Product is unique
    3. Not obliged to content with other products for sale to the industry
    4. Credible threat of integrating forward into industry’s business
    5. Industry is not important customer of the supplier
  3. Bargaining power of Customers
    1. Concentrated or purchase in volume
    2. Standard or Undifferentiated products
    3. If product is significant portion of the cost for customers
    4. If customers earn low profits forcing lower purchase prices
    5. Industries product is unimportant to buyers products or services
    6. Industries product does not save buyer money
    7. Self manufacture or backward integration
  4. Substitute products

    Most attention should be paid to

    1. Subject to trends improving their price -performance trade off with industry’s products
    2. Produced by industries earning high profits.


  5. The Industry – Jockeying for Position

    Intense competition causes price competition, product introduction, ad slugfests

    Intense rivalries are caused because

    1. Many competitors or of same size
    2. Industry growth is slow
    3. Lack of differentiation
    4. Fixed costs are high or products are perishible
    5. Capacity is augmented in large incrments
    6. Exit barriers are high
    7. Rivals are diverse in strategies, origins and personalities



Formulation of Strategy

  • Positioning the Company
  • Influencing the balance
  • Exploiting industry change