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Our House related posts.

Moved Into New Home

We recently moved into new home on Mercer Island. We were renting a 1 bed room apartment which was sooooooooo tiny. We found a beautiful home on Island to rent. 🙂 It is beautiful house with amazing views. 🙂 We love it.

To all our friends we would love to host you. 🙂 Please let us know when you are visiting Seattle Area. 🙂 Enjoy

Moving To Seattle

As I mentioned few weeks back I will be working for BizTalk RFID team as Product Manager. Part of this opportunity was to move to Seattle. Last few weeks have been really hectic. I have been constantly on the road since I joined the team on 1st of October. Finally the day has come when we have decided to move. I have not got a chance to say good bye to so many of my friends in RTP area. L But the timing was right and once I started working for the new team it was better we moved there sooner than later.

We have decided to take this once in life time opportunity to drive all the way to Seattle from Raleigh. J Yes we are not crazy we just thought it would be fun. J Hope it is really fun. If not we have a plan B, sell car to local carmax on our way and fly to Seattle. JJJ

Some Stats: It is 3000+ miles with around 50 hours of driving over 8-9 days.

Following is our planned route. Will keep you updated as we start driving with lots of photos and details. J Will let you guys know if we change the route. J


Wii Party

This weekend we had a Wii Party at home. Swati’s friends from her office came to our house and we played Wii. Wii is an amazing gaming console. It is the best thing that has happened to gaming in years. Nintendo has really changed the whole playing field in gaming industry. It is a lot of fun to play it with friends. J Here are some snaps from our party. J

Mandy and Tyler Boxing:

Rodrigo, Billy, Tyler and Mike(not in photo) playing Tennis

Poor Mike getting his ass kicked by me in Boxing (First round KO). JJJ


We started painting our house today. It really took lot of time… We started around 6:00PM and we worked till 1:30AM. Just returned home… Here are some snap…

Also before and not yet after photo…

Closing is over…

We closed our house on 9/29/05. It was swati’s birthday.. So was a great day to close. Things din’t go as well as I had hoped though. First when we went for final walkthru our door was not even painted. That sucks. Next the attorney made mistake in the paperwork so we had to go back again today to sign the papers. Anyway.. I guess that is part of life. It is better that anything that has to go wrong goes wrong before we move in…:):

So now it is paiting and moving time….

Abstract Art

Hey guys an interesting thing happened the other day. We had been mall walking over the weekend and stumbled upon this abstract painting. We looked at it from a couple of different angles and then finally decided that this would go very well with our cotemporary furniture. We bought it there and then. Sudhir and me are very impulsive shoppers when it comes to art. The problem is we do not and mind you DO NOT agree upon together to buy anything. Our tastes are totally opposite. So we do buy things on which we mutually agree upon at once.
Now the real dilemma is that the painting totally stands out from everything I had in my mind. I had chosen the draperies , accessories and the theme keeping in my mind the current paintings which we have and everything was well coordinated till then, But the moment I have seen this painting and see it day in and day out, the whole scheme is gone for a toss. Have to come up with something new this time. Thats a bummer. Didn’t see that coming.


This is the most interesting part of home furnishing( needless to say my favourite). The paint, the window dressings, rugs et all. Remember there are deals on these accessories and all home decor, always hunt for them in a local store or keep eyes open while in the mall. Iam making a list of all these things which are required in the house and categorising them in priorities. We dont want to get everything at one time and empty our pockets. The fact is our pockets will be empty after buying the house as it is:(:(:
There is so much info on line about the window treatments and how to measure the windows etc. The site which I found useful is, and then there are other sites like Jcpenny, pottery barn.

We have white sofas with a dash of bright contrast tones in the pillows. The walls will have earthen shades. The fireplace wall which is at the entrance will be a mandarin /pumpkin.We have not reached consensus on it, still fighting:):) The table hardware of the centretable and the side tables need to match with the window hardware. The curtains will be complementing both the sofa as well as the walls. Also guys do not forget rugs, they are an important piece of accessory in the living room. Select the rugs which pull out colors from the room and get coordinated by a visual flow. This tells you a lot about me , I like to create pretty pictures:):)Dorky
In the meantime the hunt is on!!!


Today I attended the “How To” clinic at lowes about interior painting , it was very good. I had some color shades in my mind which we were discussing on. The clinic was informative and cleared all my misconeptions about painting. I am soo very excited and ready to paint my house now. Also as the closing date is finalised we are getting ready to shop for the furnishings etc.
The house looks good now, its getting there, its amazing how its coming together like different pieces of a puzzle. Our fireplace mantle is up , believe me it makes a huge difference. Now is the time when all the utilities and the minor details go in the house. The cabinets are in place , all the options which we decided earlier during the contract are coming in place one by one. There is a picture of the house which is painted in my mind , believe me what I am seeing in front of me is much more aesthitic.