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2015 Travel Recap

2015 was another exciting year of travel for us. We took 6 family vacations and I went to Vegas to run Vegas Marathon.

Feb 2015 – Legoland & San Diego Zoo: Kids got a surprise when we arrived in Legoland hotel. They were talking about visiting Legoland for a while but had no idea where we were going. We also stopped at San Diego zoo on our way back. 


April 2015 – India & Dubai: We visited India in April and on the way back stopped at Dubai for a day. It was hectic trip but was great to meet family and friends.

With Family


Marine Drive & Dubai


May 2015 – Vancouver: Vancouver trip was quick, primarily to run my half marathon. Kids always have fun in Vancouver.


July 2015 – Alderbrook Resort: We had heard about Alderbrook resort. It is a great place to go and chill. There is nothing much to do around.


August 2015 – Ocean Shores: Another great trip around Seattle area to Ocean Shores. We visited Ocean Shores with few of our friends.


Oct 2015 – DC, Virginia & Raleigh: This was another great trip. I ran Marine Corp marathon, then we visited friends in Virginia and Raleigh. It was great to see all kids grown up. Smile

Marine Corp


Washington DC


Virginia with friends

image image

Raleigh with Friends



Nov 2015 – Vegas: This was a quick solo trip to Las Vegas to run my half marathon which was my birthday gift from Swati. Smile 


Hoping for even more adventures in 2016. Smile

Awesome Mumbai(Bombay) Restaurants

The best part of visiting India is getting to eat some of the most delicious food. Smile My visit in December was very short, just 1 week but being alone gave me opportunity to visit lot of my favorite restaurants. Here is collage of few.

1. Kailash Parbat is vegi restaurant in Colaba and there Malai Rabadi is the best in the WORLD. Smile


2. Bagdadi near Taj Hotel: This is my favorite non veg restaurant. Smile There Chicken Masala with unique Tandoori Naan is AMAZING!!!


3. Mahesh Lunch Home: You cannot get better seafood then here. Best is Pomfret grill.. WOW Smile 


4. Barbeque Nation: This was a new place my bro took me. It was great atmosphere with good food. They have outdoor seating with grills on every table, they bring out unlimited kabobs and then you can have food from there buffet. It was great experience but food was ok.



Finally we went to a good restaurant for new years eve but I never took any pictures. Smile I will have to visit again on next trip to take some pictures and post it. Smile

Boyz 5th Birthday Celebrations

Abhi and Arni turned 5 this Feb 2nd. Time flies by, they look so grown up already. Smile They have started talking a lot and most importantly started asking so many questions. It is fun.


Both of them wanted to visit Legoland for there birthday so we made that happen and also spent 1 day at San Diego Zoo. Legoland is perfect for 5 year old boys passionate about legos. Smile Actually it was perfect for there dad too. Smile 


The only recommendation I have is if you visit Legoland with kids, stay at Legoland hotel. It is a bit cheesy but kids love it. The songs in elevator, the pirate ship in lobby and legos everywhere in Hotel and in Legoland are just what kids really want But you cannot spend more than 2 days at the park. Smile

San Diego Zoo was fun, quick 1 day trip before taking flight back. We took the bus tour and enjoyed.


Disney Vacation with Kids

We had promised kids that we will take them to Disney land for their 4th birthday. We headed there just 2 days after I resigned from Microsoft(that story later). Smile We had great time. It was great to spend so much time with Kids and see Disneyland through their eyes. Smile Especially both kids had tons of fun, Abhi loved wild rides and Arni enjoyed street shows, some rides and most important was parades with princesses. Smile 


The Next Bubble? Travel Loyalty Programs | LinkedIn

I have seen benefits go down over years and benefit levels being added at top end. Smile This article was great read. Now I should stop flying with my preferred airline and just buy cheapest tickets. Will still collect the miles because I think they are free. Smile

Did anyone pay attention when Robert Shiller warned about the real estate bubble or Nouriel Roubini sounded the alarm bells about the impending global economic crisis? Probably not as much as they should have. So feel free to ignore this one, too: travel loyalty programs — and particularly airline programs — are a bubble. And it may be about to pop.

All the signs are there. Delta Air Lines’ recent, precipitous devaluation of its loyalty program is just the latest. Your hard-earned frequent flier miles now die with you, and can’t be inherited by your next of kin. (Yes, Delta can do that.) This follows a wholesale downgrade of its SkyMiles program. Several hotel chains, including Marriott and Hilton, have also decimated their programs in the last few weeks.

The Next Bubble? Travel Loyalty Programs | LinkedIn

Memorial weekend in Victoria

This memorial weekend we went to Victoria, BC. I love Victoria as it feels like a small European town. Smile I love the downtown area and ofcourse it is always good to go to Murchies for cup of tea or coffee. Smile

We left on Saturday early morning and returned on Monday afternoon. Best part was we went there with our friends Praveen and Vani so we had lot of fun together. We had rented a great house close to downtown Victoria.

Highlight of our trip was the AdrenaLine Zipline tour we took, this is a must do in Victoria, Smile Few pictures from the trip.




Year End Staycation in Seattle

This week I had taken off from work. Wanted to spend time with Swati and Boyz and explore Seattle area especially wanted to take kids to few local places. We visited Winterfest in Seattle center, Seattle Aquarium and Museum of flights this week. Smile 

Was great fun to see kids enjoy all the places. Pictures are worth million words.. These snaps from this week will tell you the story…

Winterfest @ Seattle Center:


Seattle Aquarium:


Museum of Flights:


San Diego Vacation

Teji was visiting us from Germany for couple of weeks and planned to return on 20th Dec. We were planning to go to airport to drop her so then we started thinking why not just take a flight and take a quick vacation… Smile We had not been to San Diego so thought that maybe a great place to visit.

We booked our tickets with miles and got great deal at Coronado Bay resort. Smile We stayed there for 5 days, mostly did nothing much did not even visit San Diego downtown. Stayed at the resort and enjoyed Coronado town. Visited local restaurants and enjoyed walking around with kidz. Smile





Lake Crescent Lodge Visit

Last weekend we decided to visit lake Crescent Lodge in Olympic National Park. It is one of the most beautiful places to visit in pacific northwest. Smile It is really peaceful and beautiful. We had deer walking around the lodge and kids loved it.

Few photos from the visit…