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Power BI for Office 365

Power BI for Office 365 is now available. It is pretty cool check it out at Power BI allows you too

  • Quickly create collaborative BI sites – enable anyone to quickly create a collaborative BI site to share workbooks containing data and insights.
  • Keep reports up to date with scheduled data refresh – reports that have been saved to the cloud can now connect back to on-premises data sources to refresh the data and stay up to date.
  • Manage data queries for the team – share not only workbooks but also the data queries created in Power Query for Excel. Team members can now build and manage data queries for others to use when creating their own reports.
  • Maintain a Data Catalog of searchable data – IT departments can now use the Data Catalog feature to make it easier for everyone to find and connect to corporate data by searching for it from within Excel.
  • Ask questions of your data in natural language – with the Q&A features people can type questions they have of the data in natural language and the system will interpret the question and present answers in the form of interactive visualizations.
  • Stay connected with mobile access to your reports – stay connected from anywhere with new HTML5 support and the Power BI windows app.

Learn More at: Microsoft Blog Post or Power BI Team Blog.

Entertainment is more amazing with Xbox

Since November 2011, I have been working in Entertainment Services team as part of Xbox Live. Last week was a huge milestone for us, millions of customers around the globe started getting updates to their Xbox 360 and hopefully millions more will be buying and installing Windows 8 especially Surface from Microsoft. Smile All these devices have a common and consistent entertainment experiences powered by services built by our team. Yes when you play a track on Xbox Music or watch a movie on Xbox Video that experience is powered by our team. It is amazing to be at the edge of a space that is changing so fast.

It was amazing experience to drive key discovery scenarios for the release including

  • Most Popular Music, Movies and TV
  • Top Purchased/Rented Music, Movies and TV
  • Top Rated content
  • Search Relevancy

Pictures are worth 1000 words:

Most Popular Movies on Xbox 360


Windows 8 Music App: Top Music


Windows 8 Music App: Top Songs


Windows 8 Music App: Top Artists and Play Top songs


Windows 8 Video App:Top Rented Movies


Windows 8 Video App: Top Selling TV Series


Working on more amazing stuff but more on that once we launch. Smile

Moving to Xbox Live!!!

This week was 10th anniversary of Xbox and it was my 1st week anniversary at Xbox engineering. Smile Yes you heard me right. I moved to Xbox live team and will be working on content services. Content services are web services that power your Xbox console. My area of focus will be content discovery and search. It is a fascinating space and am sure tons for me to learn. Smile Super excited to go from team that build cloud computing platform to team that is building one of the most saleable cloud application that powers millions of devices.

I enjoyed every bit of my time in Windows Azure Product Management especially working with the team to deliver Windows Azure Marketplace in 26 countries. Smile Will miss my team but am looking forward to my time in Xbox now. Smile

Xbox Turns Ten!

Ten years ago, we launched the first Xbox console. Since then, we’ve launched Xbox LIVE, Xbox 360, Xbox 360 S, Kinect, and lots more. We couldn’t do this without you! Thank you for the first ten years and more to come!


Ten Years of Fun with Xbox –

Windows Azure Marketplace: The DataMarket Contest

Build an innovative cloud app on Windows Azure Platform using datasets from Windows Azure Marketplace.

EIGHT winners could win an Intel® i7 laptop plus another chance at the grand prize of an Xbox 360 with Kinect!

The contest runs from January 3rd 2011, to March 31st 2011.

The Windows Azure platform is a flexible cloud—computing platform from Microsoft, that lets you focus on solving business problems and addressing customer needs.

Windows Azure Marketplace allows you to share, buy and sell building block components, training, premium data sets plus finished services and applications. DataMarket provides one stop for trusted public domain and premium datasets from leading data providers in the industry. DataMarket enhances Windows Azure Platform with Information as a Service capability. DataMarket has various free datasets from providers like United Nations,, World Bank, Weather Bug, Weather Central, Alteryx, STATS, Wolfram Alpha etc.

Windows Azure Marketplace: The DataMarket Contest – CodeProject

New Job @ Microsoft

Few weeks back I interviewed for a position as Product Manager for BizTalk RFID team. This Wednesday I accepted the offer and I will be starting my new job on 1st of October. J I am really excited about this opportunity. I could not have asked for better opportunity after my MBA. It is a marketing role focusing on worldwide launch of BizTalk RFID Server. Marketing is going to be a new area for me but I think I am ready for the challenge and it would be lot of fun. J I love traveling and I will get to do a lot of it. J

Now I prepare for my graduation on Saturday 8th September. J

First Project in MS Delivered…

Today my first project in MS was completed and delivered. It is amazing how the whole development process works in Microsoft. Working for world’s biggest software development company is an experience in itself. It is amazing how the whole development process is managed. Do you know there are more than 12000 members in Developer division? Imagine any change I do can affect the whole product. There is a whole quality gate process which makes sure no one breaks the whole product unit level code, more on that some other time. Today is time to open Champagne bottle. J

PC World’s Techlog – IE vs. Firefox: They’re Both Gaining Ground!

PC World’s Techlog – IE vs. Firefox: They’re Both Gaining Ground!,aid,122213,00.asp

I found this interesting article on market share between IE and Firefox. I have been using both for last few months I surely liked Firefox but after seeing IE7.0 I think I am indifferent between them. Intersting numbers though Firefox’s share was 8.07 percent in June 2005, while IE grew its market slice was 87.20 percent in July.